HATE! I'm Your Hate!

Ah, God, you sent him to me knowing that I would love him forver"Hate! I'm your hate. I'm your hate when you want love." I choked back the lump in my throat to avoid butchering the sweet melody. I have fallen off the path to righteousness, performed many unholy acts for cash, consumed illegal, disgusting drugs, lied and was cruel to the love of my time but I have to draw the line somewhere. I will not disrespect Metallica! "Elizabeth, just come to my office." He didn't even try to conceal the heavy sigh escaping his throat, the irritation was present in Father Joplin's voice but, this is my sacred time and he will follow the rules.  "With all due respect, Father, this is my time, K?"  How rude is this cat? Now let me get my James persona going again. "Elizabeth, you have fallen from the well-beaten path. You are blinded by drugs, you can't see a thing. If you have been encouraged to alter the past hoping that you can repair deep damage and reverse what's done, you have been promised only lies. Learning that it isn't the case will upset you more, probably sending you into more obscure activities, only this time you will find yourself in deeper law trouble and at the fiery Gates of Hell. Do you want to be able to say, 'Hell was worth all that'?"  Father Jop seemed to make sense at that moment.

Rosie the Riveter with a tattoo on her arm that reads Fight Like a Girl"I have been led to believe its possible, Father. Thank you for reminding me that someone has faith in me, and I can accomplish anything I set my mind to. I will fight for the top again! I will be stronger than ever and take my place as King!" In the dark, I pictured the wide smile I could feel myself wearing. My emotions were lifted by this encouragement. Father Jops sounded irritated, not wanting o to discuss my issues in the penalty box. He must foresee a bigger issue or he would like to scold me harsher and louder. I respect his role in the community and force my voice to keep quiet while he speaks. "Then it all crashes down, and you break your crown. You point your finger but there's no one around. It seems as though you just want one thing, just to play the king, however, the castle crumbled and you're left with just a name. You'll be crowned King Nothing. Is that the outcome you want, dear?"  Never before have his words been so full of wisdom and have added a bright outcome. Sensing my sudden epiphany as I sprung to my Jimmy Choo's, Joppy ushered me out of the confessional.

A black simple church with scenery behind it

Behing photo of a girl in a catholic uniform, legs spread apart with her rosary dangling between her legsIn a church setting, a cross with small whie lights covering it and also an altar cloth made of white satin"Did I upset you or are you agreeing with me, Elizabeth?" He sounded surprised at himself. "Everything you said makes sense. So, yeah! Thank you, Father! Thank you!" Father stood still as I planted a smacker on his cold, wrinkling cheek and stared straight ahead while he still murmured nonsense. "Well, it's sad but true, dear."  I had some hope again. Everything Father Jop was spitting at me, all the encouraging words. I don't need to be worried about what I can and can't pull off. I'm Elizabeth Lynn Wixon! Product of Rowan Athena Wixon, who is famous for having no shame, being desirable and having an ugly temper in place of fear. I was taught to stand up for my beliefs, even if I was the only one standing. I am human too and the majority doesn't rule when it comes to your own self-respect. Together we are a pretty gnarly duo. "Thank you again, father, I needed this discussion to link the chains and gather a plan." He returned the smile but was eager to take his spot in the confessional. "It brings me great pleasure to hear those words, Elizabeth! The deacon would want me to be your guide at this time in your life. It's a relief to know you are on board. I don't need to worry so much about you."  With a wider smile, he turned and started towards the confessional. "Absolutely, father! I'm glad that you're on board with what I originally thought. I was apprehensive about carrying out the actions in my plan, but not anymore!"  With a wider smile than ever and a nod of my head, I confirmed that he was granting me permission of the exact thing I had wanted to do. "Be prepared, Anne and associates. My mother and I are going to kick your ass!"


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