Underlying Sadomasochism

I never pondered the pleasure deriving from my backside getting caressed by a finger, tongue or a toy. Sebastian's tease sends a tremor of feel good, making my body jerk. "Mmmm" I purred as one finger dipped through the now slippery gash of my slit. The care and gentleness Sebastian gives this dirty spot to raise the intensity of my building orgasm. Trying to bury the moans in the pillow I was clawing failed as my head snapped side to side, making my long, black curls fasten to the sweat across my face. Sebastian's tongue was mangling both entrances. He kept his mouth attached to my dark ring, keeping up with every dance move, tender meat of my ass cheeks jiggling in his hands. Grinding my climax backward and hard into his mug, my body stiffened, quivered and finally relaxed. Jerking up and flipping over on my back with a wide smile, I seemed to melt into the bed. I lifted my arm with a finger pointing to the bathroom area. Sebastian is smiling back, knowing that I was directing him to the sink for a scrub down his face and mouth. I rubbed my hand over my pelvis flipping my swollen clit, amazed at how aroused I still am. Leaning back on my knees, I welcomed my gorgeous lover to resume his place on the California King. "Your body keeps me in constant lust."  Sebastian told me and tangled my curls roughly in his fist forcing my face to look at him. "I want to hurt you just to hear you screaming my name." 

Girl in Red Top hat, black panties and black and white stalkings with red heelsThere was no consensus that his statement teetered a joke. Dark with an excited twinkle in his golden eyes, Sebastian smashed my mouth to him, our teeth colliding with a shock to my nerve endings. Turning himself on further by roughly sucking on my tongue, I found his in return and enjoyed taking it between my teeth for a nibble, testing the waters. I let my open palm slide down his chest, finding his phallus standing salute. My thumb circled the head, rubbing the pre-cum in as if it were lotion. "Lay back, baby."  My low, husky voice directed. After I was satisfied with his positioning, I playfully licked some fluid that was making its way down his shaft. Returning nibbles on his thighs, lower abdomen, and nipples, I straddled his waist. My tongue explored his ear, neck, and face, coercing him to relax. Switching my body position so that my ass was now a few inches from his face, I massaged his legs and swayed my hips in sync with his palm rubbing the smoothness of my exposed bum. Licking my creaminess off his fingers, I sat back on my knees and took his arm in my hand. He is beautiful, I thought to myself. I returned his smile and kept our eyes locked as I secured a cuff around his wrist that was attached to an inconspicuous extension cord, attached underneath the bed.  "Oh, hey, what is this?"  Sebastian's reaction was smoother than I expected, which amplified my excitement.  "Just play, my hunk."  My smile widened and the fingertip of his free hand entered the dimple on my cheek. A cute habit of his when he is in agreement. I exposed the other cuff for his right wrist and he voluntarily held his arm out and kicked his feet like a giddy child. Yes, baby, I hope you keep that excitement, I couldn't help but think.

Repeating the process with his ankles, and topping it off with a blindfold, I now have my very large boyfriend securely confined.  "Babe, I want to see what you are doing to me. It's like my personal porn movie."  Sebastian tried to manipulate the blindfold off.  "Nuh uh."  I sing an assuring reply. Starting with his face, he was rewarded with very genuine, passionate kisses. I made my way south too quickly, eager to deliver this naughty surprise.  "Easy, Elizabeth! Very sensitive parts you hold in your hands!"  Sebastian tried to conceal his snappy tone when it wasn't so gentle on his family jewels.  "Relax, daddy."  I returned some manipulation to coax him back in the trusting state he previously displayed. Engulfing between my lips more than half of the impenetrable mass grasped in my palm, my tongue swirled simultaneously while my head bobbed up and down.  "Ahhh."  He reacted and arched his back, forcing his sex further to my tonsils.  Needing to breathe, I gasp for air and continue his arousal with my firm grip.  "Baby girl wants to explore the sexual sadism side that daddy seems to enjoy!"  I let my mischievous giggle settle in his ears before moving on.  "Elizabeth!"  He is nervous now.  "Uncuff me!" Another giggle escapes and I continue, refusing to acknowledge his plea. My slobber dripped onto his pelvis as my tongue left a sloppy trail to his ball sack. Sebastian's hips wiggled hard, but I managed to keep him more stationary by sitting on his legs. Forcing my body weight on the weakest parts, I continued the torture with my cruel words.  "Daddy assumed that his baby girl found masochism in his behavior, didn't he?"  Talking to him like a small child, I'm grateful for the blindfold that shielded my wide grin from his view. Sebastian's voice now pierced my eardrums and echoed throughout the split level house. Not being able to conceal my laughter at his terror, I gave up trying. "Sadomasochism may be surfacing from me, my pet!"  I belted out another ornery chuckle as I witnessed my boyfriend attempt to break the bedpost to free his arms.  "Daddy...."  Maybe I was enjoying this too much?  

"Elizabeth, I swear I will do anything you want, beautiful! Baby, baby, I'm sorry I hurt you, I let my excitement take over!" "Hmmm, your 'excitement take over.' But, daddy, baby girl doesn't recall anything exciting deriving from the word 'no' and screams of pain."  Continuing my idea of putting his penis in purgatory, I trapped my bitch boy's scrotum with the ball stretcher that was carefully chosen with the plug incident in mind. Welcome to the fiery gates of Hell, little Sebastian! Through jerks of the objection, he managed to get out the words, although shaky and broken. "What is that? Oh my God, Elizabeth, what are you doing to me?"  I think my paraphilia driven boyfriend is showing his weakness! Fighting the urge to capture this moment on film, I tightened the harness giving Sebastian's scrotum a unique sensation that any sadist practitioner would employ as gratifying. Sudden, short, recurring wails filled the room as Sebastian's strong body forced the bedpost he was anchored with forward. Frightening me, I have to raise him an octave so he can understand me.  "Okay!"  My shrills calmed quieted momentarily. Not so quickly, I chose to free his ankles first. Making my way to his torso, I gently caress his chest and chin, offering calm hushes. He jerked his head away from my touch not appreciating my attempts. Sebastian unleashed his cruelty.  

"Elizabeth, you better run!"  His delivery was quiet and calm. Frozen by this warning, the idea of unlocking the cuffs was replaced with complying to save my own ass. "I'm...what?" The apprehensiveness showed in my trembling voice as I started dressing with any article of clothing my hands discovered near me. My heart was pounding in fear to the icy tone I wasn't aware he possessed.  "If I see you, I am afraid of what I'm imagining of doing to you! You fucking bitch! Get the fuck out of my house, get out of my sight, get out of my life! What is wrong with you? Psychotic girl!"  His calmness morphed into belts of anger. Tears immediately arrived to obstruct my view while I struggled to find the words to bargain with him, I abandoned that idea of negotiating. The seriousness, I felt by his warning overpowered me. I go back down on his body to free his ballsac from the torture device I had secured, but his reaction proved that was the wrong step.  "GET THE FUCK OUT!"  Quickly letting one cuff fall to the floor, I wasted no time. I turned to flee from his bedroom and caught a glimpse of him releasing his other wrist. I'm not sure how I stayed upright on the stairs, I stumbled and sprung through the kitchen then the dining room, stopping due to my shaky hands. I had a problem operating the deadbolt and standard lock. I heard the thumps from Sebastian's massive body weight on the floor above me with his heavy steps, informing of his following. 

I couldn't bother to shut the dwelling as my bare feet sprinted off the tiny stone porch towards my Yukon. How lucky is it that I was parked in the yard, directly in front of me. Grasping the door handle, curiosity won and I turned just in time to see the love of my life, my knight and shining armor, the man of my dreams, towering he door frame, his arm drawn back and his face flushed with anger.  "Sebastian, NO!" I screamed and ducked to witness the full beer bottle he pitched aimed at me, shattering on my vehicle. My door flew open and I dropped my body into the driver seat. Slamming and locking the door, my eyes avoided him as I refused to show my anguish. I dug my duck commanders in the grass of his yard carelessly making my escape. Other unknown objects made contact with my windows and I could hear muffled obscenities escaping the very upset Sebastian. Driving away, my sobs were loud and powerful as reality set in. I have finished reading the last page of the fairy tale.


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