Don't Make Enemies With Me

Meme about two hearts meant to be together they will find each other. The beating of my heart was on a dangerous level after Sebastian's claim of no longer loving me sent an overdose of adrenaline through my veins. As expected, the transparent black blobs appeared, traveling south to make their way down my head. After an overcast of shadow on my blue iris's, I was plagued with nausea instantaneously as the dark cloud continued sinking towards my toes. Total defense screamed inside me trying to force its way out of my mouth. Predicting my meek pitch and lacking the ability to form a sentence that belonged in the English language, I set myself to autopilot allowing generic attempts of trying to still be in charge of him confirm what a fool I am.  "Baby, don't say that. Yes, you are, I feel it."  Sebastian wouldn't accept my poor effort of remaining the alpha. "I am not in love with you, Elizabeth. You lie every time you claim to be in love with me. No human is in love with somebody and treats them the way you disrespect me." Sebastian was not having any of this. I walked over and forced his arms apart enough to lay my body on his. Trying to pull anything out of my ass, I rambled words trying to stop time and calm us both down. 

Text between Josh and Vicky where he says he isnt leaving her but she always leaves himFinally, I located the button, Sebastian's frustration with my childish Gambo popped his cork and he rolled swiftly rolled over, rolling me off of him to land on the hard, cold floor. Being way too shocked at his aggressive actions left me too dumbfounded to do anything other than embrace my throbbing right leg. I couldn't help but show the sadness as a downpour of large hot tears burned my dimples before they landed on my lavender sundress. "Sebastian, what is wrong with you?" I cried. The frightening expression that formed on his mug will forever be embedded in my thoughts. Could it be possible that Sebastian does not love me anymore after all? A powerpoint presentation of previous conversations where he begged me not to leave him premiered in my thoughts. My unspoken question was answered immediately when Sebastian delivered the antagonizing words that I would sell my soul to Lucifer or any one of the 72 demons of Solomon to erase from my memory. "You are what's wrong with me you fucking cunt! I hate you!" With such look of dissension displayed on his normally beautiful kind face, he aimed a fingertip to my face. I was no longer capable of watching the show in front of me any longer, I had to remove myself. Instead of leaving his space to let him cool his boiling body temperature, I made the decision to sprint upstairs like an actress in a horror flick. Sebastian's long legs carried him quickly to the back of my heels, and he followed me to his bedroom. Only exasperating his anger more Sebastian was now clearly in a state of pure rage stemming from his discovery of my clothing no longer scattered on the California King where he left them. Discord took control of his mind and body as I feared my once smitten boyfriend. 

Sebastian's voice amplified more obscenities off the slate walls while simultaneously exterminating my garments from their hangers. Wishing to end the remake of the Rocky Horror Picture Show, my hand motioned the closet door to shut, catching his flesh between the wood. The little steam pot's spout expunged boiling renegade from his body's orifices while elevating his profile shades of crimson matching Satan's ass. Perhaps I perpetrated his sudden impulse of violence by my ignorant behavior. Or perhaps mirroring his sexual sadism disorder, biological and pathological bate stamps can be found in his brain waves. Lacking the logic to attribute his six-foot-seven-inch frame playing a round of ring toss with my body while targeting the mahogany wood that structures the footer bed frame will forever remain number one to my life's unsolved mysteries.

Long black haired girl with her back facing the camera. Her back says love shouldn't hurt

Totally disregarding my frightened plea, Sebastian released his explosive pent up tension by aiming random pieces of clothing into his bag. Adding possible Tourette Syndrome to Sebastian's diagnosis,  he inflicted burst of nonsense about cheating and lying. Processing his sentences regarding Anne's recent two-hour conversation wherein she provided details of my extracurriculars opened the gate to my murderously violent anger disorder. Obviously aware that she and I do not share the same class of character, Anne's jealousy of the passion Sebastian he holds for me has smudged her eleven-year-old looking body. Desperation explains why Anne braved her underhanded act against me that ultimately stamped her signature in bold, capital letters on her own death certificate. 

Sebastian's body formed a squatting motion allowing him to touch noses with me. "I hope I broke your leg and if you follow me, I'll fucking kill you."  After my body absorbed the last cruel word, natural reaction to follow him was proved a poor idea. The stranger in front of me continued verbal abuse resulting in fearing for my life. I do not remember calling for emergency services but reality returned following the forceful beating I witnessed to my phone. The crash landing into the floor with a loud thud caused my natural reaction to grab it inflicted even more injury when a size 16 shoe smashed my finger between the sole and the floor. Lucky to dodge the next blow to my cell, I heard the sound of the operator speaking. It is unknown how he understood my words, but soon three sheriffs arrived to greet Sebastian as he was outside with his dead wife on the other end of his cell.

Black and white photo of a girl with long wavy hair sitting on the floor surrounded by flowers. The picture shows color only on the flowers and a heart tattoo on her shoulderPhoto of sexy girl sitting with legs slightly open. Wearing a yellow night gown and holding a yellow rose. Unable to stop the image of my athame's blade sliding across Anne's trachea, I took in Sebastian's cruel shit talk about me to the grisly person while I anticipated the arrival of the local law enforcement. My body transformed itself into a dream-like state and the sensation of me floating like a cloud numbed the unbelievable pain. I chose not to press charges on the betraying asshole before he took off. Knowing my gut instinct is always correct combined with the unseen string that connects Sebastian's heart to mine, I didn't bother searching motels. Through my now busted phone, Preston's voice navigated me to the promiscuous creature of the night's residence that she shares with her aunt. Oblivious to this loathsome spinster's motives, Sebastian's appearance was altered to me and his self-respect was a myth. 

Screenshot of text between Josh and Vicky where he says he loves her and told his daughter that he wants to marry her. Laying in his bed I prayed with everything in me that this was a nightmare. Sebastian declined my calls and texts until the demise of my cell. I must have cried myself into a restless slumber for a couple hours before the front door woke me up. Hoping I would see Sebastian in front of me as I opted to parkour down the flight of steps, disappointment and confusion settled in while I viewed a sheriff in the door frame. Looking past his shoulder, I caught a glimpse of Sebastian's truck parked on the street in front of his house.  "Elizabeth?"  The sheriff asked, knowing I very well am, I confirmed with a nod of my head and approached him. He handed me a document as he explained, "This is a protective order. You are to gather your belongings and leave Mr. Patrick's residence in fifteen minutes."  The right to remain silent was appropriate at this moment so I signed my name in a daze and collected as many items of mine as I could.

Sebastian didn't stick around long. I'm guessing he and that hard-featured wench took the note I left on her vehicle to their back hearts. As I cut a line of dope for the last time on his bathroom sink, my subconscious assured me of satisfaction coming my way. Hatred has never flowed through my veins or thoughts in my life until Torie. It's disturbing to learn that more than one person possesses the same features as that whorehouse. Who am I kidding? Torie and Anne are the same foul trash. 

Schizophrenia arrived allowing me to address her out loud. Careful what you wish, careful what you say. Careful what you wish you may regret it. Careful what you wish you just might get it, Anne. It proves useless trying to control the dark images forming in me. Pleasure races down my arms and back like a V-6 providing a burst of tingles which sent me into an alluring state of mind. Detail lingers of Anne's misfortune that the universe has reserved for grotesque waste like her and that is necessary to keep me grounded. Suddenly caught off guard by omnibus laughter, Rowan chimed in. "Awe, you finally joined your mother's spiteful eye for an eye moto. Liz, stay on this track so you can experience the relief and pleasure when you assist Karma and serve the little bitch what she deserves. Take it to the extreme. We will make her regret ever fucking with your relationship. We will make him regret acting out her advisement. Don't make enemies with us." Staring blankly at what my memory has fashioned of my mother, I formed a half grin as I listened to her laughter fade until it no longer echoed off the light blue walls. Locking my gaze at the reflection of my eyes in the mirror, I admired the shine that compliments the sinister expression as I slowly rocked side to side. If she harbored intelligence she would fess up to Sebastian and exit his life forever. She should have been the one to get a protective order against me! Only one thought is residing in me now. The amount of pleasure I am going to feel when I slowly show Anne consequences.

Screenshot of text between Josh and Vicky where he claims to not want to love anyone else but her

I'm looking forward to it.


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