The Big "O" No-no

Laying stomach down on a blanket to the soothing sound of the creek flowing beside me, it was easy to get lost in Mr. Darcy's and Elizabeth Bennet's comical sparring. It was if I were in the eighteenth-century, living the witty classic on manners. So engulfed in the tale, that a phantom hand was now exploring my ass. The presence of another being went unnoticed. I smirk devilishly and silently thank Jane Austen for the ambiance that set my great mood. My black and white polka dot panties were soaked at this point as I relaxed my whole body, silently begging to be touched other places.  A large, firm hand traveled to the top of my spine, sending a tingling sensation through my body. Raising my pelvis, it was required that I lean on both forearms, however, I was happy to assist with the removal of clothing. I pretend to focus on the words I had recently been viewing but I focused all my attention on the sensation of fingers teasing my libido. The moisture in my thongs was growing. The finger that just discovered the absolute middle of the thongs was aware, it danced just inside for a moment before giving one hard tug. No longer nestled between my ass cheeks, my thongs were gone with one movement. I could feel the goose-bumps appear on my arms. The left hand tugged at my tight, white, blue with a small amount of gray skirt. Pride and Prejudice now lay off to the side of my aroused body so not lay on it. Attempting to turn over, I was forcefully stopped by two strong hands around my waist.

Remaining stationary, the tip of a warm tongue heavily flirted with the small of my back until finding the top of my bum. Leaning back on my knees in a downward facing motion, I feel the excitement pouring out of my vagina, trickling down my leg. Giving my phantom total control of navigating my body, my orgasm became a public viewing for the rabbits and squirrels. The pleasure of teasing my senses came to an end when my body had a quake, shaking. Noisily lapping up my release, the sexiest voice I crowned my all-time favorite sound relayed a soft "mmmm". Finally being authorized to rest on my back, I breathlessly smile up at the most beautiful face my mind was lucky enough to capture. "Hi." My gorgeous boyfriend, Sebastian says, sealing his greeting with a hard kiss. Settling back on his knees, Sebastian smiled down at me. His gold eyes seemed to sparkle in the sunlight. "Hi." I also smile at him and sit up to make body contact. His smile still present, his eyes survey his large back yard, finally settling on his two-story log home. "Do you come out here often to read?"

His thought seems intense when asking the question. "Yeah, I guess. One of my favorite memories as a child was reading peacefully with the stream a relaxing background noise at my grammy V's house."  "Oh,"  Sebastian mutters and his eyes wander across the yard again. His attention finally focused back on me, he smiles and cupped the back of my head with his hand. "Thank you for taking my hand and trusting me with your heart."  Sebastian's words caught me off guard but flooded my heart with love. I have not allowed myself to dwell on the bullshit with Anne, Sebastian's estranged ex but still wife. Sebastian is too good for an adulterous whore like Anne. Only a fool would reconcile with a disgusting person such as her homely self. I hope he would never feel as if settling for trash is his only option. He would have to be Anne's unproportioned nose beamed in my mind. Luckily I was able to push the image of the ugly girl's broken-out, face away to focus on the face the universe sent me at the perfect time. Thieves and cheaters do not get to end up with the one they took advantage of. Anne only loving the use of his wallet is clear and concise.

Genuine love is the only thing my heart produces. Leaning in for a deeper, more passionate kiss, I wrapped my arms around his neck and guided his body to tower over mine. Sebastian's shirt now on the ground with my classic love story, my shirt soon followed. Throwing my arms above my head, and widening my knees I anticipated the nostalgia that followed. "For you know what instructions we gave you, by the authority of the Lord, Jesus. It is God's will that you be sanctified: that you avoid immorality that each of you should learn to control his own body in a way that is holy and honorable, not in a passionate lust like a heathen, that do not know God; and that in this matter no one should wrong his brother or take advantage of him. The Lord shall punish man for all such sins, as we have already told you and warned you. For God did not call us to be impure but to live a holy life. Therefore, he who rejects this instruction does not reject man, but God, who gives you his Holy Spirit." Reverend Anderson concludes the sermon and the room falls noisy as all the patrons try to leave the house at once. I follow suit but fall behind at the sound of my name. I spot Reverend Anderson fighting for my attention. "Elizabeth, dear, may I have a word with you please?" It will only take a moment." Along with multiplying his wrinkles, toothy grin reveals deep dimples almost exact to mine. Noticing for the first time our exact height, we stare face to face. Identical colored eyes stare back at me. Only his shade of husky blue said to me the intimidation he was feeling. "Of course, Reverend." Trying to keep it casual, I return the smile.  "Excellent. Follow me to the sacristy. so we can speak in private."  The back of his balding head for my viewing pleasure obstructed the stragglers in the pews. As we strolled down the aisle I was able to recognize the glimpses of each of them I caught. My mind went into overload pulling any naive reason. Coming up short as to what the Reverend is about to address, I spotted a face I did not care much for.

Mrs. Burgess turned her body in the pew to flash a smirk my way. What is her deal? I think to myself as I refused to break eye contact with her but I still kept my head forward. I have not had a run in with her since the day in the beauty shop wherein I had to debate masturbation. I hope her smirk is a result of taking my advice and fucking herself - literally. When we arrived in the bright, but the chilly room, Reverend Anderson looked like a man that lost his confidence along the short walk here. He had practically pleaded with me to join him anyway, I could not help but notice how his hands repeatedly shifted from pocket to his round waist. Quite fidgety, I could see the perspiration on his brow. If Reverend Anderson is this nervous about what we are about to discuss, I can only imagine the content of the fun game, twenty questions he is about to host. I take my contestant seat in the cold, brown leather chair and cross my arms.  "Elizabeth dear, how long have you been a member of the church?"  Confused by the question I answered in my interview, I cocked my head to the side to add a dramatic effect to my narrowed eyes boring a hole in his.  "Since I was a child, reverend. Did I not disclose this information in my interview?"  "Yes, dear, you did. I am no spring chicken anymore, I'm trying to refresh my memory." Both of us acted as if he said a witty joke. Sighing, I braced myself to participate in his game "How long have you  been teaching?"  He seems to be getting serious as he walked around and behind the dark, oak desk. He then leaned on the tall-backed chair with both of his hands. 

"Going on seven years now. Reverend, how about you tell me what it is you're inquiring about and I will help you the best I can?" I felt the patience leaving me. Looking down at the floor, he struggled to muster up the guidance into the following question. "Elizabeth, you agree that seven years is quite some time to get acquainted with the rules of the church?"  My response to him was a stare with one brow narrowed. He cautiously mustered the courage to land on the next question. "Elizabeth, do you promote self-pleasure?" He immediately regretted the bluntness of his question. Springing to my coach pumps, I dramatically exclaim my response."What?! Reverend you ask me to the sacristy alone to inquire in a creepy way if I touch my unmentionable spots? This is borderline sexual harassment and I do not appreciate it." Springing to his feet, he tries to stop the hasty exit I was attempting. "Elizabeth, no! It was not my intention to inquire about the private time with your body, I was attempting to ask...well it was but not in the way you are receiving it. I am asking if you promote self-pleasure, masturbation. Do you advocate for the body to receive inappropriate pleasure?" His voice now soft, his eyes were avoiding any place in the room but on me, and he was pacing, fidgeting with miscellaneous items on the desk, the Reverend may as well be two foot tall at this moment. "Reverend Anderson, I promote my beliefs. That may be a belief to regard to your mental as well as physical well being. I suggest you Google the effects of an orgasm and you will find..."  He quickly cut off my short biology lesson and shook his head.  "No, Elizabeth, dear. I am not asking you the merits of an...Big O, ...I am actually stating to you what is not tolerated by the church."  We were both silents as we stared at the eyes of each other, me displaying confusion and his sympathy, I asked the question confusion and his sympathy, I asked the question confusion and his sympathy, I asked the question, "What are you trying to navigate here reverend?"  I hold my breath and wait for those words to escape his lips while I mentally prepared myself for the outrage I was practicing.  "Elizabeth, it is not wise for you to host groups to teach others how to pleasure themselves while humiliating a veteran of the church. You come here to teach our children. The elders are uncomfortable." 

Going by the expression on his face, I am not the only one surprised that I kept the hissy fit I was mentally preparing. The sting had silenced me. I shake my head. "Thank you for all you have done for me, I apologize for any humility I brought upon the house and authority."  Wiping my eyes of the tears now stinging my retinas, my pace increased as I found my way to the exit and into my Yukon. I barely made out the text message my Galaxy S9 Plus was screaming at me. "Daddy request that you cum to him straight away after service. You are past time for a confession, baby girl. Daddy does not like to wait! Meet me in the back yard. Confess to me, Elizabeth."  I am certainly not in the emotional stage of feeling sexy or confident about myself. Not to play daddy/baby girl. Driving the opposite direction of Sebastian's home, deep in my sorrows with my mind deeply feeling sorry for myself. I can not accept how unfair this situation is to lose my place in a house of worship due to the natural and innocent act. I have the desire for an entirely different drug than sexual intercourse. "Sorry, daddy. Babygirl is getting high."


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