I Want to Hurt you Just to Hear you Screaming My Name

Banner for Not your average 30 something BlogI've learned what drives Sebastian over the edge and I try to implement those acts often. Vexation is clear when my legs are bestrode over his waist. Our body structures being vastly different combined with him packing too much girth for my narrow canal, persecution during the course of my turn on top makes a great show for my dearest. Subconsciously I tend to twist my waist until I lean to the side, relieving pressure, but that angered him. Heisting my wrist in his hands, he traps them to his chest, confining me. Cumbersome pain published on my skin, his waist began to wildly pump upward, pulverizing into my solar plexus. Being forthcoming with synonyms for 'excruciating' excitement builds his explosion. Leaning forward I passionately kiss my breathtaking creature and plunged my back onto the bed. Mass is on my agenda as soon as Sebastian's spunk quitting running out of me.

The Brynlee's home was bright with white lights setting the ambiance for our autoeroticism seminar. Or, "masturbation meeting" as Bryn likes to say. Ladies from the church, hair salon and neighbors attended. The word really got out about my promotion of self-abuse. I like to visualize Mrs. Burgess' face right now, blood red and ready to pop! Perhaps one day she will be in attendance and untangle her boring, white cotton granny gussets.  "OK, ladies, listen up! You all need to grab a quencher. You're gonna want a pick-me-up with all the laughter and reactions you are about to participate in. We've already slain the Riesling, which tells me that a number of you are going to have a wee better time than others. Now turn your attention to Liz and let her pass her wisdom onto us, with the aid of fun gadgets from our friends at Eden's Fantasy." Maestro Bryn completes my introduction and all eyes turn to me.

purple vibrator from Edens Fantasy

I stroll to the novelty display to select a pretty purple number to kick off the night. A proportion of ladies are passed one's prime so I am avoiding alarming anyone.  "Skipping the ice breakers, let's all admit that we feel rejuvenated after a solo session, huh? This charm is called the Emoji Bullet."  I rotate the disc allowing one of its four vrooms to serenade us with the buzz of three bees. All of the little women's 'ooohs' and 'ahhhhs' became more intense the longer I launched the pure silicone, waterproof utensil. After an hour I had revealed all the vibrators, dildos, fetish kits and oral enhancers I brought with me. While privately filling their purchase orders that Brynlee ministered to, hype on the importance of a healthy orgasm count sloshed from my speaker. "Sexual exploration with your partner can add intense connections. Tons of foreplay options, but my favorite is kissing. Puckering up with someone you are madly in love with is one of life's greatest pleasures. That is my fantasy when I'm solo. Sebastian's beautiful lips nudging mine possesses my middle to become engorged lusting for his touch. I hope you all know to find the placement of their lips, teeth, and tongue so yours don't clash. It isn't too sexy to bump glasses, and this is much like that embarrassment."  I was actually having fun and not dwelling on my recent dismissal from the church. Nonetheless, the more I delivered intimate advice, the more I soldered the memory of my late husband. Recapturing our non-existent sex life, regret for not braving the possibility the deacon would have participated in non-missionary commerce settled in.

"Kissing is wildly exciting, so you don't have to be repetitive. Explore your mouth with your tongue and add nibbles to their lips. Their libido will be thanking you. But, always remember that nothing will ruin your game of tonsil hockey like a slobbery kiss."  Smooching is one thing the deacon was great at. His talents with his tongue were never sampled in other areas of my body. Although Sebastian is un-doubt the master, I think that the deacon's discourse would have danced on my clitoris just as well.

Moving on to another favorite, my lingo became looser. "Oral starts with the first deep kiss and continues all the way down. Patience is key, as trust and confidence come with the ability to completely succumb to giving yourself to someone else. When you have reached this level, your orgasms will be mind-blowing. With these little sidekicks, you can put that image in full force and see how quick the capstone comes. And ladies, don't be greedy. If your man is munching on your box all the time, return the favor."  I faked a smile as I put away the rest of the displays and wrapped up the monologue. With conviction still focused on my husband and his baseball player like physique, sudden shame flooded my face. The deacon would send me to confession for conducting this stigma. Dispirited with knowing how the deacon is feeling toward me, my mood quickly switched from joy to gloom. Drugs, lies, smutty side job and talking out loud to the public about an impure act is enough to consider divorcing me. Expelled from the church is enough to have me stoned. It doesn't sound too hot to say I'm glad he isn't here to see the mess I've made. 

woman in bondage Relaxed with moans of pleasure launching from his mouth, Sebastian appeared to be cherishing the rhythmic strokes my hands offered his back, neck, and shoulders. Au naturel, the pair of us decompress the day. Sending him into relaxation while pummelling him, this is usually my tactic of arousing his libido. However, that wasn't something I sought tonight. There is great power in the art of touch and my stiff neck is patiently waiting for my turn. Finally swapping positions, full strong hands worked my tense muscles for a few minutes and then danced down my arms. Stupefied at the sting of coldness on my wrist, I jerked my wide, blue eyes down at the metal handcuffs that were now secured. "Babe, what's this?"  I cram my neck to the side to see what was anchoring the jewelry I now wore. A lengthy harness connected to another set of cuffs that were attached around my ankles before I had time to roll my body free.  "Sebast...."  I tried to object.  "SSSHHHHHH."  His finger went to his lip demanding my silence.  "Baby, just relax. Daddy wants his baby girl to surrender. Baby girl is in trouble for blowing daddy off the other night. Daddy hasn't been happy." 

Guy with short hair looking at camera with mean expressionBurying my face in the bed with defeat, I closed my eyes as the words came out not masking annoyance.  "Sebastian, baby doll, I am not in the greatest mood tonight. I have a lot of things on my mind, I haven't told you about."  I lifted my head up and strained my neck attempting to capture his movements. Venturing to modulate his roster of full-on BDSM tonight, I edged near a softer tone.  "Babe, I love you. I was hoping you could wrap your arms around me and guide me to a peaceful sleep like you do...."  Again my words were interrupted. The whatsit he modeled in his hand became the grandstand. An oviform object with the bottom covered by a purple jewel sent an unsettling pain in my stomach. I watched the translucent liquid drip from the top and I prayed that it was Astroglide.  "Babe."  I say apprehensively. Sebastian moved so his whole body was visible to me while still displaying the anal toy between his thumb and finger.  "Elizabeth. Daddy is going to enjoy punishing you."  If his smile could grow any wider, it would leave his face. I have never tried anal toys and my anus hadn't been prepped!

Naked woman with long brown hair laying on bed face downPanicking, I let a blood-curdling demand fly. "Sebastian, no!"  He chuckled as his body disappeared from view. I felt his hand slide down my back to my ankles and work its way back up to my ass. Rubbing in circles, his hand grasped a whole butt cheek painfully.  "Baby, please not tonight."  My voice a bit whiny, I pleaded with my boyfriend to spare my small hole from being violated. The tip of the oblong toy was piercing the entrance, raising my body temperature twenty degrees.  "No, don't! Sebastian, DON'T!"  My voice raising a few octaves, my objection went unappreciated as the egg shape forced its way inside my shank. Breaking through a partition of the membrane, the torture device ignites a different kind of a pain in my posterior which forced nausea into my stomach.

Man in WV hat giving girl in blue jean skirt oral sexKicking my legs, I pleaded for my boyfriend to take away the most painful experience I have endured. My protector almost taunting me, his voice showing me his enjoyment said, "Come on, babe. Take it like a good little girl."  Shocked at the insensitivity, tears fell and my pleas were now shrills. Piercing his ears with combined expressions of pain and anger, Sebastian removed the object with one swift motion. Ultimately, I learned that the removal of this gadget is a worse event than going in.  Without me having to tell him, Sebastian unlocked all four cuffs while offering a broken apology. I lay still with tears running down my face until I knew I was completely free from the torture my soul mate was capable of giving me. Not receipting his words, I pushed my body up off the bed, turned to look Sebastian in his golden eyes, and decked him right between the eyes. Both of us was silent in surprise. He covered his face with his hands and I was frozen in fear.  "Elizabeth, what the actual fuck?"  He screamed at me. Without saying another word and without thinking, I threw my fist back and delivered another fist. 


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