The eyes give off signals to lies

Sebastian, my love - I may feel immense pleasure being in your presence and I may feel like my heart is trying to my chest to find yours when we are apart but, I am also no dummy.  The stereotype that women are more jealous and ex-girlfriends are 'crazy' are wrong.  Men and woman alike are jealous.  Not all ex-girlfriends are crazy.  It's that woman can empathize more and can literally feel what other people are feeling while being protective of their loved ones.  If I am now your ex-girlfriend, then I still have to express an opinion about the she-devil called, Anne.  I want to protect you from her malicious intent.  I used to be the type to shy away from defeat instead of fighting for what I believe in and love. People generally change for two reasons;they have learned enough times or they have been severely hurt.  Losing my married life with my well respected husband, moral actions, finding myself financially dependant on the thing I used to peak my desires and get high on a naughty thrill, and the devastation of losing the most precious gift our marriage was given, pissed me off.  That combination has changed kind, nurturing Elizabeth into, abrasive, don't-have-time-for-that, Liz.  It's a struggle to keep the renegade from boiling in my veins but what's more, it is a struggle to keep it from being visible.  I am confused to the choices you have made, Sebastian.  Believing you have no interest in that whore, Anne, is the only thing I want in this very moment.  I have taught myself that things do not last for me.  I have come to believe that I am not meant to be happy so I am anticipating the worst. I am anticipating you leaving me.  As a self-proclaimed, excellent judge of character and I am on a mission to crack Sebastian's movements, smile, eyebrows, hand placement, leg placement and gestures, to assess whether or not I think he is lying to me about the activity between he and Anne since I have been away. Breaking my heart is not in my future. I tell him how grateful and happy I am for him to go after what he knew he was destined for in refusing my rejection.  Now, I couldn't imagine my life without him.  It would surely be the beginning of my demise. People who are truly in love tend to get jealous, nevermind that the reason is small or considered stupid to their partner.  Jealousy in itself, is absolutely natural.  The best way for me to overcome this feeling is to be honest with Sebastian, and admit to myself the emotions I am experiencing.  I let the air I was holding hostage in my lungs and quickly do a bump of the powdery, devil substance.  Checking my nose, I am all clear to go in. Opening the door, I let myself in because, I may as well act as though I am still his girl as opposed to a guest.  If I believe it, maybe he will feel it in return.  I hear the amplified strum of an acoustic guitar. Sebastian told me he had fooled around some in college, but only played when he was troubled about something.  I walk down the hallway and find the door to his office, where the music is escaping from.  I lean on the wall for a few seconds
listening to the beautiful sound drifting out of the room, his passion I hear his fingers putting in it.  He starts to hum along to the melody and I can't keep this force of magnetic fields pulling me to him.  He strums a couple more chords before stopping. "Hi." He says with a smile.  I absolutely melt over the way his lids lower slightly when he smiles.  Scientist have classified eighteen different types of smiles. The muscles we use to control our eyes and cheeks are great aides in non-verbal communication.  Assess his.  Not only is he using his lips but his eyes.  The tip of the brow went down and his skin crinkled up around his eyes.  At least it wasn't an affected smile, and I would think that he is fearful to be confronted with something he is uncomfortable with, like, feeling for that hoebag, Anne. His eyes would not gleam and his brows would not move. Tight, compressed lips means he is hiding a secret from me.  Women use this signal toward men they are not interested in.  Men rarely understand this signal though, am I right ladies?  "Hi."  I say with a coquettish gesture, with a look from under the brow, to give him the impression of innocence and infantile naivety.  One thing Rowan taught me as a child was how to be a temptress.  I picked up on her rehearsing her skills to the technique of coquetry.  The men manifested her desires to be embraced, and in return thought she would worship them.  It worked for me in this moment.  Sebastian sat the guitar on his computer desk, freeing his lap for my ass.  He outstretched his arm and reached for my hand.  I took his hand in mine and used it to balance myself.  I striped the black and white, zebra-like panties off, pulling them from around my ankles, freeing them from the hook of my chunky-heeled, sage pumps.  I straddled his lap. facing him.  Looking directly in his gorgeous, gold eyes, I say, "Sebastian, I love you. I am so regretful for acting as a child and running away. I am so lucky to have you and your approval is all I crave."  My heart thumps wildly in my ears  as I wait for his response.  His sincere, kind, eyes, put my mind at 
but I feel ashamed to my behavior lately, that I can't make eye contact as he says, "Elizabeth, I love you. I don't think you're crazy, I think you're passionate. You're passionate about us, and that is something that I love as well."  He takes my chin in fingers and forces my face to his.  "You hear me, babe?"  I smile a half-smile and nod.  Sebastian lowers his voice slightly as he brings his face closer to mine,  "I love you."  He repeats before smothering his mouth onto mine.  Strong, passionate tongues wrestle around, making it the sweetest taste I could remember.  His fingers have taken advantage of the missing under garment and his pointer was smoothing flowing juices all over my slit while his thumb was show-casing his talent by forming a circular motion over and over again on my starting point.  I took my dark green, pleated dress over my shoulders, freeing my body. Kissing the skin around the top of my black, silk bra, I couldn't help the way I grabbed his head and squeezed his hair between my fingers as my excitement escaped making my once soft flow, into a gush around his finger.  Without missing a beat, Sebastian cupped my ass cheeks and picked me up in one swift motion.  Tuning us around, I felt my body land on the desk top, and my handsome hunk on top of me.  Sebastian's soft moans escaping his soft lips give me tingles, making my nipples erect, in response to his member entering me to full capacity.  For the next several minutes, Sebastian transports my body in a peaceful, trance.  Him pumping me with his emotions of love, reassuring his claim of sincerity, as he smothered my neck in tiny nibbles and my mouth in lustful kisses is a memory I should have cherished more in that moment.  


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