Before we dove into the BDSM, we flirted with gentle dominate/submissive role playing.  The deep vibration of Sebastian's voice turned me on, but the way his jaw sat as his dominate role delivered orders, gave my soft spot a tingle.  Excitement took over when the mailman left a concealed package.  Pleasing and teasing Sebastian has become a favorite of mine.  The tiny red plaid material intended to be a skirt, barely covered my bottom and the white tube top showed the bottom of my breast.  Perfect.  Fastening the suspenders, pulling on knee high socks and fixing the child-sized tie around my neck, I looked at my transformation into the naughty school-girl I had a feeling Sebastian is going to lust for.  I layed stomach down on his California king with my legs in the air.  Hearing his truck claim its spot in the parking space, my heart started to race.  I get giddy in his presence.  Setting the atmosphere to match my costume, I borrowed one of his electrician books from his office and pretended to study it.  Doodling in a blank notebook, my panties never had a chance at keeping dry when I wrote those sin-fastic words, so soaked I could easily drown a toddler in them.  Daddy's bad babygirl.  Babygirl needs spanked.  Babygirl wants to ride daddy's cock.  

The dwelling to Sebastian's bedroom flew open and his gorgeous 6'7 frame froze.  A huge smile formed on his beautiful face and I imagined his cock stiffened.  "Babygirl...what is this?"  His shirt was already off as he neared the bed.  "Hello, Mr. Patrick.  I was hoping you could tutor me."  I tried to stay in the school-girl character.  "Yes, teacher's pet, yes.  But first, I need to punish you for disrupting the class."  He sits down on the bed, only wearing his boxer briefs now.  "Your ass across my lap. Now."  His firm voice sends chills down my spine as I quickly do as I am told.  I bring my face close to his as I make my way to his lap.  I smile as I look deep in his eyes.  "Hi."  He greets me, and kisses my lips softly.  "Hi."  I whisper and take my place across his lap, elevating my ass, eager for my spanking.  Sebastian's hands explored my legs, teasing me.  Finally making their way to my skirt, he pushes it up, revealing my under-garment.  "Cumslut."  He says outloud.  My grin widens.  "Oh, babygirl, are you daddy's cumslut?"  "Yes, Mr. Patrick. I want to see how many times I can make you cum."  I could feel his member growing below my pelvis, urging me to free it from those boxer briefs.  Rubbing my ass in a circular motion for a few seconds, Sebastian was marking his target.  I braced myself for the impact of his open palm on my ass cheek, hard and fast, just like I like it.  A small "ump" escaped my lips as I braced myself for more.  A few more smacks and I imagined his hand print petrified on my pale skin.

My cumslut panties were no longer on my legs, as Sebastian's fingers made their way inside my hot flower.  One finger rubbing my puckered asshole, I got off in a matter of seconds.  Letting my body writher from my spasm for only a minute, his boxers were off as well and his intromittent organ was touching the back of my throat.  I love feeling his veins engorged with blood, rushing to the tip of his penis.  Feeling how turned on I get his body, is like a reward to me.  "Daddy needs to fuck you now, babygirl."  He can barely speak above a whisper.  My mouth devouring his prong in a rhythmic trance, he ends that task by taking my hair by one of the pigtails, and forces my head back off of his organ and looks in my eyes.  "On your knees, ass up, now."  "Yes, Mr. Patrick."  I do as I am told.  Gasping as Sebastian's girth slams into my sex, I feel my juices squirt out around him.  I could feel the orgasm building inside me it makes my knees weak.  I have to relieve some weight so I lean to the side.  Sebastian takes my left leg into his hand and is now pounding inside of me in a sideways position.  His pelvis and mine are perfectly matched up this way and he is further inside me more than ever.  "Ohohohoh..."  He mutters and I know its coming.  "Babygirl, your pussy is so wet, your pussy is so tight.  It feels amazing."  Filthy words excite us both.  He slams so hard into me, it felt like he broke my pelvis bone.  He keeps it there for a few seconds and I feel him release his load deep inside me.  Our orgasms were in sync, and we were both loud, expressing our ecstasy. 

Laying on my gorgeous boyfriend's perfect chest, nestled in his arms, I feel at peace.  His fingers running through my hair, untangling the pigtails I once had, gives me a sensation I never felt with the deacon.  Sometimes I wonder if his spirit is watching.  I shake that thought away.  "Babygirl, I love that you love to please me.  I love that you put so much detail into our sex life.  It shows me you truly love me and lust for me, just like I do you."  I position myself on top of him and look into his gold eyes.  "I do truly love you.  I love being Sebastian's cumslut." 


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Own My Gussets
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