Goodbye to Elizabeth Lynn

Pouting makes us feel a bit powerful, and me, sad at the same time. Your boyfriend will apologize while babying you, hoping to change your mood. As more time passes, he understands how strongly you feel about the subject and he will know better next time. It makes me sad because every time I have pouted, it didn't deliver the intended results. Backfiring and leaving me worse off than the beginning. This is my world, I am in it for myself. If you don't agree, then, I'm sorry it didn't work out. I don't have to feel bad.  I wasn't sure how long I could keep up the drama.  Plus, I was the one nervous he would reject me. Passion doesn't allow us to wait too long for the ones we desire, pride or not. I meticulously chose the red, lace bustier highlighted with black leather with matching leather bikini thongs, highlighted in red. The set goes perfectly with the crimson, loose-fit, sleeveless t that hung slightly off my left shoulder. The large black skull that covered my torso, mirrored my only pair of leather pants. Donning too many bangle bracelets combined with the slight platform on my heels, I smirked at the picture of Sebastian and I breaking out in song and dance, belting, You're the One that I Want. The fact that I could share that with him without feeling like a total geek draws my mouth into a frown. 'Hopelessly Devoted to you...' My heart skipped a beat as this voice peaked the tiny hairs in my ear canal. "Rowan, not now." Anxiety formed in me as if my mother were actually in the passenger seat, performing Grease."Remember that time when Danny changes for her at the end too?" I picked up what her smart-ass of nothing but bones was laying down. It didn't amuse me. How dare she offer relationship advice to me! The smart-ass I have carbon-copied in me, replied the same. "Remember when he didn't have a wife?"  The shrill of her cackle startled me, I thought I may have to pull over and finish this imaginary conversation outside of an enclosed area. "Oh, dear girl, what you meant was 'remember when he didn't have a wife that slit your throat while you slept'. Your man has a wife."  Touche. Sandra Dee got her man by fashioning herself a risk-taker. Let's see if this persona makes Sebastian's dick hard as well. It did! Three seconds passed from the door opening, revealing a gorgeous smirk on the defined jaw line of my master and the best tasting lip lock I have ever had the pleasure of tasting. Now with my legs tight around his waist,  Sebastian's thick forearms supported
my legs as his hands both cupped an ass cheek. Our faces pressed hard at each others while our mouths acted as if we were competing on whom can take the most chunks away. Not even bothering to make it upstairs, my gorgeous man fell on top of me as my back found the couch and ripped the leather from my legs like a magician pulling a table cloth from under the china. Assuming his ornery smile resulted from the question we both know he uses his middle finger to test, he dives face first into my neck covering it with short, soft bites that sent tingles down to my toes. I couldn't stop my pelvis from rocking up and down, grinding on his hand that now supported my rose bud, I tightened my arms around is neck and held on to his body while short, spasms greated his hot whisper in my ear. "Daddy's baby girl needed that release." I shook my head fast. "Baby girl doesn't leave daddy  for that long, understand?"  "Yes, daddy." My breathing heavy, I agree and relinquish control of my body muscles so Sebastian can strip my shirt off. His head disappearing for only a couple minutes from my site while his tongue lapped up the mess his finger caused, he transitioned from my pleaser, into my captor. I didn't resist the feel of the tight linen my wrist now wore attached to something under the mattress. My eyes stayed locked on his, my body laying still while I received and understood every rule. Sebastian then kicked off my journey into Dom/Sub fantasy by holding my head tighter to his pelvis, his moans a bit louder, every time I gag. 


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Own My Gussets
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