Panty Poacher

"This is how you poach panties." I smirk and lead Preston by his hand into the Pink Pony.  This place has a different clientele than I picture.  Older men, older than fifty or even sixty, packed the poorly lit room, filled with stale cigarette smoke and very tasteless, late 80's erotic, elevator music.  The gentleman all bore one common thing...a beer gut.  I like a man with a little meat but these guys are headed for heart disease and diabetes.  You would have believed the dancers never seen a real boy by the way the attention in the room switched when Preston and I sat down.  Yes, Preston, I thought.  Distract them while I collect their dirty unmentionables. Preston looked like he was in Heaven when I escaped to the ladies room. I didn't feel the need to engage the stares, winks and grins I got from the Ole Dirty Bastards that these poor gals have to entertain to pay their bills.  Being in a daze, I took longer than I normally would to conceal the bag of dope on my lap as I relieved my bladder.  Thanks to Sebastian, a marathon of a life with the man of my dreams won't stop playing in my mind. It literally makes me sick thinking about him being alone with Anne.  So much so that it was coming up and I dodged back in the most disgusting stall I have ever been forced to use and vomit. Well, that combined with meth. Sebastian tried to call a couple times and texted his disappointment of silence but he hasn't tried too hard since.  The more time passes the more I find it likely that the tramp has used her unwashed vagina to take advantage of Sebastian's lack of self esteem.  "I hate her". I thought. I hate her! I HATE HER! 

I couldn't stop from being vocal. The stalls don't care about my pain. I slid down the wall and used my pleated skirt to wipe tears from my leg. The liquid reminded me of blood stains on the bright red fabric.  I refuse to sit in a dirty, unsafe, restroom that has to be lined with hep C, crying on the floor like a failure. Fixing my face, I force something funny in my mind.  "Sorry about the kidnapping", I say under my breath as I navigate my Yukon XL onto the highway. "Liz is going to stick around for a bit longer and monetize." Preston was knocked out. Partly due to the abundant amount of liquor ingested in a short time frame and partly due to the roofie slipped in his whiskey. 


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Own My Gussets
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