Dream to make you Real

Josh Jackson />blind folded sex />My eyes closed, I slightly raise my hips allowing my panties to be removed. Smiling, I open my legs for his hand to find my spot.  Sebastian's lips explored my neck and right ear and I rock my pelvis in sync with his finger angrily vibrating on the hot spot between my legs.  "Yeah?"  His deep, husky voice in my ear asking me the question he knows drives me wild.  My smile widens and I still view the back of my eyelids as I throw my arm across his neck. Still spooning from the slumber before,  his arm is tight around my torso, holding me against his body as he wakes me with his love and affection.  Rubbing the side of his face, I give him an "Uh huh."  My mouth finds his and hungrily, I try to devour his lips and tongue while my pelvis speeds up. He knows what he done the second my grip on his neck tightens.  Licking his finger, Sebastian positions his head in the middle of my thighs and loops his arms around each of my legs.  Just like before, my pelvis rhythm speeds up meeting his mouth.  Enjoying a mere 90 seconds of this, my body spasms.  Grasping his head in my hands, my fingers pulled his hair. Watching his beautiful face form a sexy grin, my broad man covers my mouth with his and I feel his rock hard member enter me.  I gasp at the sudden fill but throw my head back with pleasure.  "Ahhh." I love it when he moans. Hearing his sexy voice is my favorite sound, but his moans affect me like nothing I've ever experienced.  Sebastian felt the walls of my vagina tighten around his thick penis and he almost stopped his body's rocking motion and played that beautiful melody once more for me. Covering my face, head and neck with hard kisses, Sebastian thrust his magic stick as far inside me as his pelvis would allow and held it there.  My body gave a few more shudders. By now, I have a choke hold on him, my arms locked around his neck forcing him to feed me those soft lips. We feel each other's climax and stay in our position, allowing our tongues to play for a few minutes. Finally pulling away while placing the sides of my face in his hands, Sebastian looks down at me with a smile that is forever imprinted in my mind.  I beam back at him, thanking God and the universe that this gorgeous specimen of man is my boyfriend. "Good morning, beautiful." I can not describe what his voice does to my soul. "I love you."  Is all I say with the biggest smile still present. "I love you, Elizabeth Wixon." Ecstasy interrupted, I can't stop the tears springing from my eyes when I emerge from dreamland, forced to view Preston's face. "Liz, I'm pretty sure we slipped into the twilight zone. Laura Ingles is running through the prairie outside." I hit harder than intended when I knocked Preston away from me by his
Jesus on Cross />collarbone, but oh well, do not take me away from my soulmate.  I stomped toward the bathroom ignoring Preston's "umph" of surprise. I had to get these wet panties off before the moisture gave me an infection. I hated Preston in this moment so I did not mind a bit to let him reflect on the previous night's events while I showered and pleasured myself replaying my dream.  I stared long at my reflection in the fogged mirror.  I refuse to feel the depression that followed the deacon's death.  "Turn your feelings off."  Usually when I have subconscious conversations they are with grammy V.  This was a different voice.  This belonged to Rowan.  "That is your trick, mother. You turned yours off and disabled the switch."  However, I can not recall a time I witnessed her in despair.  Obviously it works.  "What now?" Preston stood when I walked in the vacant living room, dressed in a black three piece skirt suit, my hair pulled to the side and a small sun hat.  Preston looked like his hangover was his first ever. "This early? Church. Duh."


Own My Gussets

Own My Gussets
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