Used panties anyone?

That bitch, Anne thinks she's cute. She got caught with another man's cock in her mouth and Sebastian kicked her ass out. Now she is dilly-dallying around with him, hoping she has a place to stay between riding cocks. Sebastian being the kind-hearted guy he is was letting her be the one to file for divorce but she hasn't done it. I could see through her blemished face and I knew the thoughts her worn brain was holding. She needs to play the "husband" card as much as possible. She has Jackson playing the role of mother and father and on the sidelines she has Sebastian playing the pushover. His heart is too golden for a worthless whore like Anne.

Walking into Preston's I felt a bit shaky at the thought of seeing her. I made sure that would not be the case upon my arrival. "We have a business to take care of and that means nobody from the outside to interfere with what I am trying to accomplish. Anne will fuck me over at the first chance." I told Preston.  I thought I was making myself clear but apparently, I was speaking a foreign language. "Liz, you are too paranoid these days. Anne doesn't hate you but your hatred for her has clouded your judgment. Did you ever try to get to know her? Or actually had a conversation with her to see she is a cool chic?" He spoke to me like an after-school special. Why should I listen to him though? She seemed to be able to get more of his attention than I have recently.

How dare he? I wanted to send him to the confessional right now and make him regret those words of contradiction to me. "I knew all I needed to know of that dick hopping gold digger when she proudly confirms her daughter is in the care of someone other than her every night! She was sleeping with Jackson while having a committed relationship with Sebastian, telling them both her child was theirs. Turns out Jackson was the loser on that wheel of misfortune. Sebastian gave her the benefit of the doubt and still married Slutbag Baggins and then honors him by sleeping with two additional men while he works to support her and her daughter!" And now she is riding his wallet as long as she can and I don't feel right about it.

I won't ever feel a different way about people like her. "When that whore told the story of her desperate times for money, she seemed too happy reminiscing about her time in Mexico doing donkey shows. We have all had hard times and done desperate things for money but Jesus, I wouldn't admit bestiality in a confessional! I wouldn't admit that anywhere!" Enough talk about trashy mothers, making money is in order. Teaching Preston a new dynamic tonight. Used panties, anyone? 


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Own My Gussets
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