The Rules

No matter how high we build our wall, each of us has a common goal in We search for our partner in life which is also the person we fancy the most wishing to spend all of our time with them, never getting enough of the person they are. Sebastian is my person. Describing the heartbreak of losing someone when you truly loved them is difficult. Wondering what if you did something different, would they still be with you? Had I not made the deacon go on a liquid diet to trim his waist while helping his cholesterol, he wouldn't have slurped so much liquid making him aspirate daily. It sucks to sit and wish to change one action. It sucks to sit and wish to change one simple thing you've done in the past. Now, I have Sebastian and I am in awe of his golden eyes that are mesmerizing the way his eyelids lower when he smiles and I feel his thoughts through them.

I am in awe of his full lips and I love to feel them touch any part of my body. I am in awe of his cheeks the way his jawline is defined when he curls them lips up. But my favorite is his voice. I can listen to his words all day on repeat. Sometimes when he is gone I listen to the command history on my Amazon Echo to hear it. Hearing the words, "How are you, beautiful?" gives me butterflies every time and makes me want to take off my clothes. Sebastian comes home early today for the first mediation for the divorce. Walking into the bedroom I am laying on the bed in a seductive way. "Hi." He greets me that beautiful smile as big as it can get. He leans down and gives me a hard kiss before pulling up my dress. His fingers find their way under my panties and he smiles as he learns of my excitement. "Baby girl! Have you missed Daddy today?" I grow wetter hearing these words. I shake my head yes. "Daddy missed you too." Tearing off my panties he sticks them in his pocket. Clasping his arms around my legs he doesn't play around. It takes all of thirty seconds before my body shakes and I have to push his head away from my oversensitive body. "Baby girl!" Sebastian shakes his head. "You have to ask me if its ok before you finish, you understand?"


Own My Gussets

Own My Gussets
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