Only in my dreams

My wedding day seems like it were a life time ago. I never questioned my choice of accepting the deacon's hand in marriage, for I was truly happy he had picked me. We had a mutual love of the outdoors and a walk, however brisk or lengthy it may have been, was a tradition we followed until his final day. 

Both times I visited Helvetia since the deacon's death, I've pondered under the tree that displayed our nameplate and just how we felt about one another. His handsome face brightened the room and the way he provided for his little family but found time to serve the church is what made me the most proud.  I have caught the women lingering too long at him or whispers after he's walked by.   Sorry, ladies, he is mine. Our lives planned out, our dates simple but meaningful and memorable. When you have an essentially perfect life, there isn't much to disagree over. The person he was hooked me. His beauty was just a bonus. The mere thought of my being his wife made my heart full of love combined with his smile, and that got my juices flowing. I wondered a couple times his reaction if he were to come home to catch me with a toy. Would he be effected? Would he be disgusted? I was never brave enough to attempt it after the concealing of my VS bags, until today.

"Hello, gorgeous." My heart thumps hearing his voice but my brows narrow at his choice of word. 'Dashing', 'lovely' or 'impeccable' were all his adjectives, not gorgeous. Although I am familiar with 'gorgeous' but how so?  Justin never called me anything other than 'Beth' and Preston's choice was 'babe'. Maybe the deacon is trying something new; I'll roll with it. "Hey, there, handsome."  I barely get out before his hungry mouth devours mine. The deacon doesn't slow down, kissing my lips hard as he guides my body to the ground, under our tree. "I've been waiting to touch your skin since I left you this morning." He proclaimed as he undresses himself.  "You have?" I am puzzled by this sudden affection but I follow his lead, taking off my shirt. His lips kissing my chest puts me into an euroric state and I lay my head back on the hard earth, welcoming his hot breath. "You make my lil deacon stand alert and my urging to taste you absolutely impossible to ignore."  He jerks my pants off hard and they are around my ankles in one tug.  Still confused, I accept the words my ears are receiving and my body gives a pleasant reaction. Feeling myself gush at the huskiness of his voice, my hands mimic his and I explore his body stopping at his rock-hard member, fully engorged like its never been before. Moans of pleasure escape his mouth in response to the massage he was receiving. "I can't hold out any longer, I must taste what I have craved all day. I need to experience all of you and I want to make your body tremble with pleasure."  The deacon doesn't hesitate to do exactly as he says and my legs widen allowing his frame to fit as his tongue finds the center of its target. Now the moans are escaping my mouth as my fingers are tangled in his hair. Just as I feel the grand finale making its debut, I ask a simple question out of excitement.  "You have wanted to pleasure me this way the whole time we have been together?"  A smile on my face, I close my eyes rocking my pelvis up to meet his mouth in sync. "Yes I have, Liz."  My eyes flew open, my heart sank and my hands started shaking as I came to the reality that my husband has never called me 'Liz' in his life.  Here I was laying in the complete darkness, my heart broken at the greatest love scene my husband and I have ever acted out and the reality of it being a cruel dream setting in.  Wiping my tears away from my flushed face, I set out to self medicate my heart.


Own My Gussets

Own My Gussets
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