Let me teach you

After Liz had to put Mrs. Burgess in her place about masturbation, the other women in the salon applauded my bravery. Several asked me how I am able to be vocal about such a sensitive subject and be part of the church. They need to feel comfortable with themselves before they can express it out loud. "Elizabeth, can I confess something to you?" A newlywed from our church asked. "I know my husband likes to um, watch, according to his internet history. I would feel dumb if I did that while he was watching. How would you handle it if you found this out about your husband?" I was a little taken back by wanting my opinion but I was honest.

"If my husband made me feel comfortable enough to pleasure myself for his viewing then I would have at it! He is the person you're committed to forever, sister. If you can't feel comfortable in your skin around him, then what are you doing? Don't embarrass him with his history search, simply wait until you know he's coming in the bedroom and be waiting. Smile, do some soft talk and make him feel comfortable. It'll help you." After giving four more opinions on masturbation, Brynlee had a bright idea. "Ok, ladies, listen up. Jenna Jameson here has to get to work at the church and doesn't have time to talk courage into your vaginas but, if you would like to hear more of 'Forget the bible, I'll touch myself if I want', then come over to my house this Friday. The end of Wildwood, I'll put a red balloon out."

Bryn always loves an excuse to throw a party. Meeting for dinner, I stayed in the entrance of the restaurant and watched Sebastian from a distance. He is so handsome, I feel so lucky to have found him. My smile quickly fades as I watch him look at his ringing phone. By his eye roll, I had a feeling I knew who it was. Catching a glimpse of me he hangs up and stands to kiss me. His smile doesn't match my nervous feeling in the pit of my stomach. Anne is trying to weasel her way back in his life and my orgasms and I don't appreciate it.


Own My Gussets

Own My Gussets
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