Let me demonstrate

Brynlee's masturbation party was actually fun with Liz as the guest speaker of the seminar. Teaching Sunday school was less stressful than this. Bryn puts no half-ass into anything she does so why would masturbation for dummy's be any different? Cupcakes, hor devours, and wine put the ladies in the gossip column and man, they weren't shy tonight. Just have Brynlee fashion your bedrooms up for an arts and crafts party and you'll perform for your men like its second nature. Which it should be anyhow. "Ok, ladies, up next I'm holding the best seller from our friends at Peaches and Screams." Bryn flips it on and the ladies giggle at the thoughts of them using it. "Liz, can I confess something to you? I have never used a toy with my husband, or ever for that fact. Have you ever used one with your husband?" Shy, sweet, Kayla Taylor asked.  "No way. I never wore lingerie, had oral sex or touched myself around my husband. Actually, I didn't even think those impure thoughts. 
It made me sad. What I did with my husband was pray, go to church and worship the heavens, Kayla. Which is wonderful and I loved my life with the deacon, however, your life shouldn't be based on one subject. Don't live ashamed to express your sexuality, especially with the person that is the other half of you. Embrace all of each other and feel the connection in every aspect of yourselves. Experience pure ecstasy of the most vulnerable position you're giving to another person and feel what the other half of you brings to your marriage or relationship, whatever you may have." I gaze off to the table of pleasure bots my mind wandering to the deacon. The smile comes involuntarily at his sweet, handsome face. 


Own My Gussets

Own My Gussets
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