Good Mornings

Sex with Sebastian is insatiable. No matter which way we are enjoying each other, having sex, rough fucking or he makes love to me, my body feels rejuvenated. Waking up in his arms is something I can't believe I haven't been doing my whole life. Natural is the best word of description. Showering, as we have been the best of friends our entire lives. Sebastian washes my hair and I wash his back. His large frame shields the water from my body and I wrap my arms around him while he finishes his front. Our wet faces finally find each other and we take water in our mouths when we press our lips together. Leaning back, his smile makes my heart thump faster. "I love you, Elizabeth." Although hearing those beautiful words made my heart absolutely explode with the most sensational feeling, I know I can't allow it.

Those words played in my mind all the way to the church. Meeting the house I had a great feeling of peace. I walked out of there smiling and feeling accomplished. Walking into Preston's trailer, the feeling quickly faded. "Look at you in your Sunday best." He joked. Sitting down and snatching the pipe, I look over at Anne's face and wonder what she would do if I were to put makeup on her. Cocking my eyebrow up in Preston's direction, he gets up and addresses Anne."Well, since you have errands to run, I guess I'll talk to Liz for a moment and I'll see you in a couple hours?" She hastily exits the trailer. Her tires spin gravel as she speeds out. "Preston, I am not sharing this as a three-way again. I don't like that girl more than I didn't like Torie. She gives me a dirty vibe that I refuse to ignore. As if she is hiding something and I'm trying to be a good person but I will not take the risk of being exposed as a drug using, panty pusher." Preston assures me it is all under wraps and Anne is as clueless as she seems. Riding to town with Preston, I tell him about my steps in getting my life back together. Sebastian is always in the picture, I can't always come on deals with him and Sunday school is a huge deal for me and my faith I feel I've lost.

My guilty conscience is in full force going from the house of God to doing drugs and selling used panties to scumbags.  I pull up to Sebastian's house to surprise him. My heart rapidly thumped as it often does when I get close to seeing him, but this time it was different. "Liz, keep your composure." I silently give myself a pep talk. Who was I kidding? I wanted to get out screaming, "What the shit is Anne doing at Sebastian's?!"


Own My Gussets

Own My Gussets
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