Enter Sandman

Back at the home I used to share with my husband and attending  church brings back the memories that I cannot get enough of.  The sense of peace combined with calmness feels as if nothing has changed.  There isn't much left in the house, just a small couch in the living room, a couple of folding chairs on the porch and, courteous to Father Joplin, a blow up mattress in the bedroom.  I'm leaving that old couch for the next owners or for the real estate agent to purge. Actually looking at the dingy, worn, faded cloth with small icons of roses strategically placed in a pattern has my mind going to the day it was brand new, shining bright with cleanest white which made those pink roses stand out. The deacon had help from the Stephenson boy carrying it inside after our trip to the antique store a couple towns over. It reminded me of my grammy V's furniture that was now (and then) stained, torn, discolored an unflattering yellow from the years of nicotine smoke.

Grammy V didn't like smoking in the house but papa did. Uncle Frankie and my mother followed suit. Even after his passing they never respected grammy V.  Stretching out on the couch, my mind plays the day the deacon was so happy to give me this piece of furniture. It was a Monday but it was a memorial or labor day, some sort of holiday that led to most businesses being closed. The whole town was out and about on the gorgeous sunny day and I had conjured up a picnic for the deacon and I to enjoy. We were still what I considered 'newlyweds' in that we had been married for a year +. Letting the deacon sleep in, I took the prepared  picnic basket and arranged a beautiful eatery in an area of open land just before the church. I left a note for him to come to the church for lunch and enjoyed the sun while I waited.  Even laying on my back with sunglasses shielding my sensitive blue eyes, I sensed his presence. Smiling, I lay still knowing he was about to lay beside me but not before kissing my lips.  "Have I told you lately, that you are the best wife?"  I sit up and raise him a smack on the lips. "No, and I would advise you to get into that habit." Our smiles grew wider as our lips met each other's, kissing hard.  Making out with him was so much fun. A great kisser he was and it's a shame to never experience what other talents they may have possessed. He suggested the drive to the antique shop so I could pick out something nice for our new home. Our days were simple but yet amazingly filled with love. Our mutual love for God and the scripture gave us a common ground. Too bad my inner self and beliefs did not match his and I was craving more excitement. If only I could turn back time, I would take the avenues I need to at least try to seduce him into something more non-traditional. Sigh. 


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Own My Gussets
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