Elizabeth Plain and Tall

At Brynlee's 'let's masque Liz's helping healthy sex session' sex toy party, I sit back and listen to her make a few bucks off the horny ladies that can't wait to unleash their inner stripper to their husbands. Peaches and Screams are proving to be a good affiliate to her.

In my head, the deacon's face is as handsome as ever when he smiles at me, taking my hand and guiding me down the aisle. We had just said our 'I do's' giving me the greatest joy I have ever wanted to experience again. I always told myself how lucky we were to have met our soulmates. Some people go through life never meeting theirs, giving me the most important thing that I thanked God for every night. Every night that I laid beside my husband with a slightly unsatisfied feeling. Missionary was tolerable when I felt he was getting more comfortable with me but it turned into a chore it seemed. Looking down at my short skirt, tight shirt and three-inch heels, I noticed even my attire is different than with the deacon. I lived a sheltered life believing anything I do or say to promote my feelings on my body or healthy sex was shameful. I wish I would have explored with my husband.

In every aspect of life, that man was perfect aside from our intimacy. Our days were full of love and kisses. Hand holding while we walked and discussed the church issues or what we were in the mood for that night for dinner. Smiles as we prepared, ate and cleaned the kitchen. A sense of peace as the deacon stumbled into his office and looked over the paperwork from church and I phoned Bryn to live vicariously through her adventures of being single and anonymous sex. Washing my face and changing my clothes to join him in bed always gave me fantasies that I crawl in bed and grab his member while staring in his eyes, urging him to display an emotion other than shock and give me the green light to continue. But that would feel ridiculous to me. The deacon was a biblical man that was old-fashioned. Procreation was the purpose of intimacy in his mind. I was forced to keep quiet about the images of our naked bodies exploring each other with our mouths and speaking those raunchy words that our brains automatically sensor.  Elizabeth has chosen to love, honor and obey in this marriage so the thrill of hoping one day, the deacon will reveal he wants naughty sex is preposterous. Little did I know what was in store for Liz.       


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Own My Gussets
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