Yes, Daddy

Sebastian's lust for me is incredible. I never had the feeling of someone craving me, and I never want to not have it again. Being brave enough to sleep at his house, I didn't regret it. The humongous, solid, real mahogany wood made Sebastian look like royalty laying on the California King stark naked, I could hardly contain myself from hopping on his erect member before putting my mouth around it while he said the dirtiest sentences I've ever heard directed at me. "Do you like my cock in your mouth?" My pelvis answered his question by sending a warm dribble down my bare leg. "I love it." I look up at him and firmly take in the tip. "Put it in the back of your throat." He commanded and I obeyed. Chuckling at the trail of slobber connecting my bottom lip to his magic stick, he is not shy to tell me what he wants. "Sit on my dick right now." "Yes, daddy."

I smile thinking of the incognito site we had just used for a video where I learned that BDSM is what gets Sebastian's blood flowing. These girls seem to give up any control and enjoy the ride, submitting to their partner but enjoying the pleasure. Watching that piqued my curiosity. I made it known when my face found his and I tasted his tongue. Sitting back on him I gasped at the stretch but moaned at the feeling of him becoming one with me. His eyes squinting as his grin grew more fierce, he welcomed my words. "Does baby girl like riding daddy's cock?" Hearing those words sent a shock through me making my explosion around him more powerful than I have ever experienced. Noticing it also, his face lost all emotion and his eyes fixated on me as his pelvis moved harder and almost angrier in sync with mine. Between his questions to me and the look of pure enjoyment on his beautiful face, I have never bounced so high and the result has never been so quick or as forceful. Not being able to control the feeling anymore, Sebastian's thrust could have broken a bone as his voice turned high pitched and he smothered my mouth with his lips. Squeezing me so tight his massive arms felt wonderful around me. "I have never in my life experienced such passion for someone, Elizabeth. I want you to be mine, forever."


Own My Gussets

Own My Gussets
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