What the fuck

"Forgive me father, for I have sinned..." I start sobbing before I can continue the story of my life back home. Skipping over the parts I have already filled Father Joplin in on, I tell the rest quickly as my voice shakes and my octaves get higher. I feel dirty as I say the words out loud describing my life now. I'm glad there is a wall between us or I wouldn't have the nerve to confess. I feel as thought the deacon is in here with me, urging me on to finish the rest of this horrific story. Wiping my face as I sprung from the confessional, I went straight to my old home. The emptiness I felt inside matched the empty home. Sebastian called but I declined and got in my car to drive to the craziest place I could think of. Chelsea Lane opened the door with a cigarette hanging out of her mouth. Staring at each other for a minute, she coughed, "well, come on." Leading me to the bedroom, I stood in silence as she put a small rock in a baggie. "I assume this is enough." Holding it up. I threw a ten dollar bill on the bed and left with my bag in silence. Feeling worse, I went back to the church hoping FJ hadn't retired for the night. Everyone was gone by now as it was past church hours. 

Without knocking, I opened up his door and stopped dead in my tracks. "Elizabeth!" FJ exclaimed, just as startled as I was. I stay silent and watch in horror as Father Joplin lowered his hand holding a pair of black thongs for the room to see. My head stayed still as my eyes shifted to the right. I scanned the bodies in the chairs lined up facing Jopey, as if he was conducting some sort of show. "Elizabeth, let's step out into the hall." He grabbed my shoulders with both hands and forced my body backwards. Practically slamming the door he smiled his sweet, innocent smile looking at me as if waiting for me to ask a question. Finally, finding my cracking voice, eyes wide open, I shouted, "What the fuck?" Now he widened his eyes. "Elizabeth", his voice a whisper now, "I'll be sure you get half." 

He is leading me down the hall now. Shaking him off, still in shock, I muster up a reply. "Don't forget, Liz is savage. Seventy five and I get 50." I stormed out, replaying the scene in my head and wondering how he had the nerve to steal my idea! Forgive yourself, Father, you have sinned in more than one way. I had to smirk thinking of how clever he was to auction off used panties. At that moment I probably could have autographed them and gotten $100. It was best that I left then. I was so heartbroken at Father Joplin. He knew what I was struggling with. He knew and dammit he didn't care. The upside was, he didn't think how Liz would react. And let me tell you, she was fit to be tied.

"I wonder what other secrets Ol Jopey is hiding?"


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Own My Gussets
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