Voice of reason

It's true that you can sell anything on the internet. Selling my dirty panties had provided me with the necessities; utilities, groceries, clothing and the dope I sling. I have those certain customers buy both my dope and my panties. This isn't the life I had envisioned, even in my worst nightmares, but money is money when you hit rock bottom and lose your faith. Trauma can cause you to behave in ways you'd never imagine. Leading on poor Mr. Caldwell just to snatch his wallet was a thrill tho. So much that I went to his son, Mr. Caldwell Jr.,  even though his wife was on the losing end of her battle with cancer. I felt nothing as I relieved their wallets of a couple hundred and put in the small zippered pocket of my purse.

Preston and Torie had become useless to me lately.  Her rough and gravelly voice was like nails on a chalkboard; every time I heard it I thought my ears would bleed. How anyone could be such a contemptuous tramp was beyond me. She was content with leaving a devoted husband with a nice career, morals, a good reputation (not to mention quite fetching), for any Tom, Dick, or Harry. She didn't discriminate, a dick was a dick. If she had as many sticking out of her as she'd had in her I swear she'd be a porcupine. She abused him mentally, emotionally and physically until it he was forced to open up to his family. They insisted he cut all ties with her and file a petition with the court to remove her from his home. Now most people would take that as a wake up call but not this dumb bitch. It only drove her to abandon her son and highjack her parents transportation to enjoy dope and dirty cock. How she could live with herself was beyond me. I had never had the urge to hurt anyone in my life but the things I wanted to do to this woman would make Dexter cry. This whore was now using her well worn snatch to get high. Not just that but the money she made from peddling pussy is the money she contributed to our business endeavor.

She had no problem picking up  strangers and letting them stick their unprotected man meat in her. She actually smiled and laughed about how many dicks she took in a day. Preston would urge her  on and then stick his tongue in her  contaminated mouth making me realize how these people were not only bringing me down, but keeping me there. I had integrity, morals. At least I used to. I couldn't stop the acrimonious words and tears as I exploded out of disgust. I cussed to the point a fly wouldn't land on them. I don't need them. I knew enough dealers to get my own dope. Not to mention, I got called for more underwear than this fuck hole. I could feel it in my bones, Liz was about to make an appearance. I caught a glimpse of my profile in the full length mirror in the foyer. My ass was gone. My hair was like straw. My dimples barely there. My self worth was virtually non-existent and my Grammy V's voice in my head wasn't a mere whisper tonight.

I thought the words 'dope whore' were appropriate. I painted them on the living room wall. Then I made sure Whorie Torie had finally fallen out. I mean, it had only been 4 days or so since she slept last. And just like that, she was here! Slamming the door, Liz hatefully made her entrance and exit. She tossed a lit match behind her not turning to see what happened next. She held her head high and knew she never wanted to be there, with them, again. 

One of them, she never would. Or so she hoped.


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Own My Gussets
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