Strike one

From the moment I stepped out of my car on the seventh floor of the parking garage that Sebastian and I met, down the elevator then across the street to the upscale restaurant, there was no silence present. Wine with dinner, topping off the night with more drinks at the bar we first met, and time slipped away.  It seemed as though we were the only two people in the world. I was alone with the most beautiful man I had ever met. Being a gentleman, Sebastian secured a hotel room for the night to keep me from another DUI. Leaving cab fare on the nightstand, he made sure my safe return to my vehicle. Kissing on the first date was usually a no-no but how could I resist him. He was perfect for me and I had the urge all night to climb on his body and grind on him in front of all the old folks there. Getting caught up in the moment of his mouth exploring my body, finally reaching my pelvis was just like my dream. I was extremely excited but extremely uncomfortable all the sudden.

Trying to halt this recurring dream, I struggled a bit without success. No it didn't mean much to my excitement, his six foot seven inch frame was the only thing on my mind. His arms are no match for my small body letting him win the struggle. His claims of talent proved true as his tongue danced on my clit. He hungrily covered my whole area with his mouth clasping his arms around my legs he secured my pelvis to his face. I had to put my feet on his shoulders and push his head away. Rolling out of his grasp, I kept apologizing as if I were the one doing something wrong. It was my guilty conscience thinking of the Deacon. Sebastian made up for it with a dozen white roses the following day. He did give me butterflies in my stomach, but the reality was my husband was barely gone. What does that say of me? Sadly it seemed childish and wrong.
He had already begun to aggravate me with his pushiness. It was disappointing to hear him tell me he was still married. Separation doesn't mean anything but permission to explore other people  without consequence. I've learned from hustling panties that being naive won't get you far. Sebastian seemed almost flawless. I found that odd. Over the next few weeks I enjoyed Sebastian's company while maintaining the wall I had built to keep anyone from my heart. He tried to knock it down several times, but I stuck to my decision. It is too soon for a relationship. Even if Elizabeth forgot how to date, was Liz the dating kind?


Own My Gussets

Own My Gussets
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