Something to believe in

Sitting in the hair salon with Brynlee was hardly keeping my anger and shock under wraps. Describing the feeling in the pit of my stomach was harder than I imagined it would be. It made me sick to learn Anne was the estranged ex of Sebastian's I hated so much. I know she is a horrible person. Picturing them together was not an image that I could force my mind into. I recall to Bryn the fun I had waiting for Sebastian to come home from work. Dressed in a pink and white tube top and a baby blue tutu from Halloween complete with white gogo boots. I had put my hair in pigtails just to send him over the top when he saw me. I loved the picture my mind captured when I saw his face. Smiling from ear to ear, Sebastian's strong arms picked me up. I wrapped my legs around him and he kissed me all the way to his oversized bed. "Loving the tutu, baby girl." His voice is my favorite thing to hear. He goes to town smothering my body with kisses. I know he is rock hard beneath his dirty work clothes.

"I love you." I can't keep those words inside me any longer. Stopping what he's doing he rears back on his knees. Looking down at me he says, "Do you mean it?" His beautiful face makes an expression I'm not used to. His smile comes back with a glow in his eye. "I love you, Sebastian, I do. A lot. I can't keep that to myself anymore." Ripping the tutu off me he made love to me for hours. Laying in his arms afterward while he rubbed my arm with his fingers, I felt the most peaceful I have been since I have moved back to Pinch. 
Recalling all this to Brynn made me feel as though someone had just kicked me in the stomach. It was as if I was waiting for something bad to happen. "You can always just take care of your own vagina and be done with men." Bryn jokes. I chuckle but the ears of Mrs. Burgess didn't find that comment to be anywhere near holy. Looking up from her bible, she lectured us all on the sins of touching yourself. "Leviticus 18:6-23, Numbers 5:13, Duet 22:22-3, just to name a few. Perhaps you should catch up on your reading before accepting a new job involving the church, dear."  Liz kicks in full force and I return her stand up, "Those speak of sex, Mrs. Burgess but it never actually says the words, 'Yo, kids, don't touch yourself! Uncleanliness regarding semen, but, hey, use a rag, boys." The whole salon was in shock, amusement, on edge, and very curious about where this was heading. After Mrs. Burgess stormed out, defeated and embarrassed, her nose to the sky, I received high fives and claps. 


Own My Gussets

Own My Gussets
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