To imagine me, Elizabeth Wixon, sitting on a bar stool on a Saturday night during Cinco De Mayo was laughable. The Deacon and his wife did not publicly drink. Brynlee chattered on as we waited for the young bartender to fetch our drinks. It was starting to get popular in Big Joe's for one drink to loosen me up for what I was about to do. My mouth was all Liz but my body was still Elizabeth as my mind transported me back to the place I hated most. Word on the street was Preston found himself a new snatch to pimp out with my ideas. The promises to Brynn of my cutting ties with the wrong people and going back to my roots were halfway true at least. I was severing ties but I would not allow my idea and my business to benefit yet another tramp. Not to mention the dope controlled soul of a man too lost to try to save. Even confession wouldn't help him. I am going to see who this gal was and inform her Preston is denying a relationship with anyone using his love for donkey fucker as the tool to get me to believe his lies. I silently sipped my drink wondering how I was going to make my escape. I seriously needed to make my way to the ladies room ALONE to take a sniff of what my body runs on anymore. Bryn would hopefully chat it up with a familiar face and I can play Houdini.                                                                         

My body had the urge to turn towards the door for some reason, like a force was urging me to look. I casually turned my head at the scene that made my body stiffen and my heart race. Frozen, my eyes followed the very noticeably inebriated phantom man walk to the end of the bar and lean on both of his elbows. His eyes were locked on mine and his lips formed that heart melting grin. I looked down at my drink as Bryn was acknowledging the room. "He's looking at you." she tried to whisper out of the corner of her mouth. "Yep, I have eyes too." I smart her off. I was nervous and calm at the same time when he walked his handsome self by us and laid his hand on my shoulder and gave it a squeeze. In the three minutes we finished our drink and stood to leave, I had pictured myself in this man's arms, kissing his lips, him picking me up and tossing me around, our wedding day. Ok, I had better stop there. I knew I was acting like a school girl but this didn't sound silly at all to me. Brynn excused herself outside for a smoke while I stayed to take care of our tab. I played everything it in my mind before it happened.

"Hi. Are you here alone?" his voice so strong and sweet I had to smile. With my heart pounding I shook my head no. "Can I talk to you for a minute?" His Mardi Gras beads swaying around his broad shoulders as he led me to a table, reminded me of a frat boy. After the small talk I saw Bryn ushering me from the window. I excused myself and stood slowly, wanting more time with the gorgeous guy. "Would it be ok if I gave you my number?" I was shocked and impressed to ever be asked that question from a guy. It made me want to straddle his thick lap right here. "I would like that. My name is Liz." I couldn't stop smiling. He stood up, looked down at me and said the words I will never forget. "I'm Sebastian. I'm very, very happy to meet you."


Own My Gussets

Own My Gussets
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