Pay Day

Brynlee, somewhat over her bad decision of a one night stand,  turned it positive by accepting a proper date with this guy, Jerrad. They had talked for some time before she accepted his offer. Not only was he a friend of a friend, but he was well-known as a fuck boy. Meeting up with him, the first thing they do is get high. Weed always takes the inhibition away from Brynn. As they head out, Brynn slides closer to him. They chit chat a little then her hand slides over to his leg. With every bump it moves just a little closer to his crotch. She'd heard rumors but wanted to find out for herself exactly what he was packing.  He shot her an evil little grin and her hand swiped the head of his manhood. "You fuck with the bull, you gonna get the horn", he said to her. She just laughed and continued to tease him. He turns off onto a dark, dirt road and proceeded on for a couple miles to find a nice spot away from any passersby. He put the truck in park and grabbed Brynn by her long hair, wrapping it around his hand and pulling her head back. Roughly he kissed her neck and slid his hand up her thigh to her skirt. Like a hungry man after a steak, ripping her panties and he found her wet and waiting. "Mmmm, you know what daddy likes, huh girl?" Brynn could hardly contain herself. She wanted him to take her and not like the other guys had. She could see the deviance in his eyes and feel the strength in his hands. He opened his door and stepped out. Still holding her hair in his hand he pulled it down toward the seat. She was lying there on her back across the seat of his truck. He nudged her to come closer to the door. She obliged hesitantly. She could see his other hand unbuttoning his jeans as she got closer. Then she saw it. His cock was so big. She knew where it was going to. As she neared the door, he pushed her head back to open her mouth and in one swift motion, occupied her throat with his massive member. She gagged and tried to get up. To no avail he held her there and proceeded to fuck her sweet mouth. He didn't stop until he left her filled with the salty taste of his cum and million regrets.

As I put on another pot of coffee, I got a sick idea that made me feel like less than a friend. Making things easier for me, I was filtered through Bryn's laundry basket and snagged the dirtiest looking pair, hoping it was her guy's explosion of lust left behind. I excuse myself and in ten minutes I pulled into a familiar classless place. Preston was alone in the almost dark trailer and opened me a beer. " Liz, can I confess something to you?" He passed the tube my way, continuing without an answer. " I fucked up my life. I let dope dictate my career and I'm slinging dope as a living. Torie isn't someone I loved, she was easy money for me. Easy dope. Anne isn't someone I'm going to love either. I'm lonely and she's from the same class as me. You were bringing in easy money too so of course, I let ya. Stop doing dope. You're not like Torie or Anne but you are coming close. You need to get your attitude in check before you scare off pretty boy and you find yourself back on my couch."

Taking in Preston's words I felt myself getting hot. Standing, I grabbed my beer and left without a word. Who is he to give me life lessons? Ha! When I get ahead I'll re-evaluate my life choices I give Preston a telepathic promise, pulling into the Go Mart on the west. Spotting my buyer, I grab the bag holding two of my dirty panties and the pair I borrowed from Bryn. Seventy five dollars is a nice payday.


Own My Gussets

Own My Gussets
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