No secrets on the river

Closing my bible, I looked at the time. Dinner reservations at 6:30 but I needed quite some time to prepare for this date. After Sebastian gave me his number at Big Joes, I texted him the second I walked out. I don't know the rules of dating anymore. The next afternoon he responded and since then, the getting to know one another has been smooth sailing. Sebastian was easy to talk to which put my fears to rest. I actually felt like I had known him for years. Like a teenager, I tried on a few outfits and Brynn curled my hair and polished my makeup. I felt nervous with a twist of guilt at the thought of enjoying another mans company. Brynn has kept me sane. It wasn't so long ago I put my dear husband to rest and she pointed out to me the Deacon's wish for me was to enjoy my life. "Don't think of this as a replacement to him...this is another chapter of your life. Like, Liz 1.5."  Being conservative as I was, sex on the first date was unheard of. However, the dream I had kept replaying. How could the phantom man not be Sebastian? It can't be possible.     

Of course like a gentleman, he insisted on picking me up. I didn't want to make it anymore complicated than it had to be. Besides, not everyone is what they seem, I may need to bail. 'Always have your escape planned.' I could hear Grammy V's voice, matter of factly. "Whats the latest on Supermeth and his skank?" Brynn cracked as she fastened my hair out of my face. "Well, the skanks name is Anne and she is quite the mother. Moved three times in the past four months jumping from place to place with a boyfriend that finally cut her whoring ass off from his meth lab only to leave her with no choice but to claim he stole all her money, including the child support the kind hearted, Jackson gives her every month. Jackson, 'I'm a pushover, poindexter' is her daughter's father!" I shook my head in disgust. All these skanks get blessed with love and character but they don't appreciate it. After Big Joe's, Brynn ran into some friends and I insisted she go hang out and I would go to Grammy V's. Curiosity getting the best of me, I made a facebook profile and chatted it up with an old friend, Sarah Kay, who may as well be the towns gossip queen. Just like in high school, she had the scoop on everybody and proudly reported on anyone or anything even if you didn't know them. Deciding to wear sexy undergarments didn't make me slutty, I don't plan on Sebastian seeing them but I also don't want to be caught in my churchies either.

"Elizabeth, can I confess something to you?" Brynn looked serious. I sat down on the vanity stool and faced her head on. "I had an unprotected one night stand." Brynn's expression looked as though she was telling her daddy she lost her virginity. I swallowed the rest of my wine. With her head now in her hands, she sobbed. I hugged her, smoothing her hair back away from her face. "Its ok, you're human. We all have urges, Brynn. I am a little offended you didn't tell me though. I need to confess something to you as well. I knew. I was wanting you to come to me though." Brynn's head snapped to wards me and her face formed a look of confusion then clarity. Together we both said, "Sarah Kay." She laughed. I laughed. We both laughed. Together. It was wonderful.


Own My Gussets

Own My Gussets
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