It's just business

The last I remembered was the feeling of her hands down my back but then I awoke with cotton mouth. I was in a dirty room on a dirty mattress sans a sheet. My clothes were on, that's at least one good thing I thought. I found the troll looking girl solo in the living room floor. Preston must be out 'slinging dope'. The creaky floor startled her and she awoke hindering my silent escape. Lighting a cigarette, she went over the rewards of handling. As dirty as I felt, I didn't want the tears anymore, I was tired of the pain. For some reason it did make me impervious to the pain. I  tried to justified it as I hit the pipe. "Come on, your dirty thong idea is genius and we are making money today." Torie esclaimed as she pulled me to my feet. On the west side of Charleston, I was grateful not to have been shot. The roughest looking men I could swear were homeless, bought a fuck ton of dope from her and two of my worn undergarments. My dinner plans with Bryn suddenly seemed like a chore as I snorted the powder and headed back to Preston's trailer with Trashy McNasty, er I mean Torie. I pushed the guilt from my mind and repeated to myself how I am silencing the pain.

Preston was on his dirty couch with my silk pink thongs in his hands when we walked in the dismal trailer. He handed Torie the plate as she flopped on the couch, belching like a full grown man that just chugged a forty. "I took her to the west and taught her the ropes. We actually pushed two pairs for twenty five dollars." Her unwashed hands picked up Preston's beer. "She is actually an asset to us." She laughed and shook her head. Explaining how she thinks its a good idea to keep me high, she went over the breakdown I had after my first deal. My emotions erupted as tears ran down my face and I thought of the disgusting things that has taken place over the last two weeks. Drug use and excessive amounts of alcohol combined with selling dirty panties to a class of men that don't look like they own a shower. All that combined with the first sexual experience, which I could honestly describe as the worst, was too much to bear. This is not the life I pictured for myself. Handing me the tube, Preston attempts to give me a massage. I wasn't very welcoming and helped myself to a beer. Torie caught on to my uncomfortableness and tried to sweeten her voice.

"Come hit this bowl. Nothing works like Mary Jane to relax those nerves." I struggle with myself on this one. Although the thought of touching these two useless fucks disgusted me, they were hustling my panties and it was bringing in the money I very much needed. The life of the Sunday school teacher and respected member of the church is gone for now. I can go home to my grammy V's clean couch anytime I want. For right now, it's business first. I chugged my beer and opened another one. I hadn't smoked marijuana since college and the THC worked quickly, making me unconsciously slink into the couch. 

"Ok, ladies." Preston takes off his shirt, "We have a business to prepare for. Let's make some panties dirty." 


Own My Gussets

Own My Gussets
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