High rollers

Just my luck, the deacon was hiding something from me as well. The mortgage wasn't up to date and in escrow so the idea of selling the house wasn't happening. I don't want to deal with any responsibilities right now. Aggravated I head back over to Mrs. Layne's. After a quick deal, I head over to see Father Joplin. His love for money and risks gave him the idea that if Chad were willing to ask for those used panties in public, maybe there was some nice change in it. Where better to auction off unmentionables than in church? We aren't going to tell on each other for fear of the whole congregation to find out. But I like his thinking. Joining as his co-host for the evening I auctioned off what few pairs I had brought with me and a couple that I bought at the Dollar General and fashioned to look worn. White lie? I didn't feel an ounce of guilt walking out with over a hundred dollars. 

"Elizabeth, may I confess something to you?", Father Joplin caught me before I reached my car. "I knew about your home and I kept it from you because the Deacon was my friend. I know you could have used the heads up. I knew he had a gambling problem." Keeping my mouth tight, I listened to him explain how the Deacon had him do his bidding so he could remain behind the curtain, maintaining his golden reputation. My dirty panty idea struck a dollar sign in his mind and he conducted this auction for his own selfish reasons. He talked to his fellow gambling sharks and they knew some trashy women that didn't mind to hand over their underwear and that were probably high on meth anyway. Looking at me with a regretful face, he concluded, "If you look inside me, I'm you."
We all do things to benefit ourselves. Father Joplin taking the risk of getting caught with dirty underwear in church and me staying an extra day in Helvetia to do dope and make money off dirty panties. I called Sebastian as I was getting ready to call it a night. It was relaxing. I did miss him but I still wasn't ready to commit so soon. "Do me a favor and take off your panties." His husky voice commanded me. I did as he wished. Directing my hand to find his tongue's favorite spot, my breath grew heavier as I received his words. "I love to hear you in pleasure, baby." As he sent me a text of the location of his hand, he explained how he was rubbing his cock at the thought of me as well. "Never go away without me again, Elizabeth." Just then  I knew I never wanted to. 


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Own My Gussets
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