Dope and Panties

Anne is the new girl Preston has been keeping company. Thin, boyish, 'free spirited', he doesn't discriminate these days. She didn't like me from the moment I walked in unannounced and took over the room as if I had a place there. It did seem odd, even to me, that I started going to Preston's house again. My thoughts are I don't have to see Torie anymore and I am not letting my panty idea be benefited by some other skank sticking around for dope. It makes me more  
comfortable the less I have to deal with trash so Preston is my plug again. He swears he hasn't told this whore about the panty hustle but you can't trust meth-heads. She doesn't speak when I'm around, she looks at the floor mostly and plays on her phone. I asked her about her daughter once and she said "yeah, she's great."  I was prying for details of Jackson so I could give her the disgusted look of disapproval but she only wanted to bitch about her latest husband she got under false pretenses.

After forgiving her infidelity once, she repaid him by screwing the guy again. He wised up and kicked her ass out. Hence, Preston's trailer. "So, Anne, where is darling, Josie at today? Daddy's?" I pry deeper. "Nope. My grandma's." She barely looks at me while taking a hit too many of the tube. "So, Liz, are we in business again or what should I expect out of your increasing visits?" Preston asks hopeful. I shake my head while narrowing my eyes towards Anne as if to say shut the fuck up! He rolls his eyes but says nothing. I go to the dirty bathroom not saying a word to the two pathetic methed out losers. I slip my panties off and put them in the laundry basket for Preston to sell. Sebastian has been rolling out of me all day after my wake up call of kisses on the back of my neck simultaneously poking my ass with his hard stick.  "Speaking of business, I have to go to Helvetia for a few days to meet with the insurance company about my home and my husband's life insurance. I leave tomorrow so I will see you at the beginning of next week. I am planning on doubling down on my business to make up for lost time." I get enough dope off him to last me my trip and back.

I drive happily over to the hotel room to beat Sebastian before he returns from work. The time away is going to be a good cooling off period. He needs to know this isn't getting serious. My fuse is getting shorter with him already on the topic of us not being a couple so soon. I don't have the patience I used to. Snapping at Anne made me get my temper in check. It is the dope, Preston is right however, avoiding the things that annoy me eliminates the problem too. 


Own My Gussets

Own My Gussets
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