Back in business

After the initial shock of being back home in Pinch West Virginia, and spending the day settling in with Bryn's help, I found myself on the run down door step of Preston. He was not married, didn't have children and actually didn't have a job. Somehow along the way he gave up his career at Dow Chemical and looked like his pride as well.
 He answered the door that was falling off the hinges, in only a pair of jeans that were unbuttoned. Greeting me with a smile he guided me into the dim trailer and drank his 22 ounce Budweiser as he listened to me start to finish about my life with the Deacon. He briefly gave me the gist on his life, how he was fired to no fault of his own, and since then has been trying to get on disability for a hip injury he suffered on the job. Suddenly, a thin girl with the shape of a ten year old boy comes down the hallway not hiding her annoyance at Preston. "Dude, its been like, an hour?" Her green eyes sizing up my clean, pressed, Tommy Hilfiger suit. Her curly hair a mess around her round homely face looked unkempt and unwashed. She was definitely a hippie or lived like one although I'm pretty sure hippies have harmony and peace. "Torie, this is Elizabeth. She is my old girlfriend from college and her husband just died so she moved back home." Preston stood up and put his arm around her. "Elizabeth, this is my friend, Torie." 
"Neat!" Torie exclaimed as she shrugged off his arm and plopped down on the couch. Her teeth were too big for her mouth and it drew attention to her over sized nose, making the over sized nose piercing a focus point. It baffled me how Preston, as handsome as he is, would settle for someone so unattractive and trashy as this Torie girl.  I sat there in amazement on the dirty, animal scratched couch and listened to them bicker focusing on what this troll was doing with a magazine unopened on her lap, using other tools like a dollar, a lighter and a small bag of unknown substance, until finally she bent her head and snorted up powder. Handing the straw made out of a dollar bill over to Preston, he mocked her. Then turned and offered me the dollar. "It'll take your tears away." He claimed. Suddenly Preston's life troubles made sense. I declined and excused myself from the dirty trailer. I showered as soon as I got back to my grandmothers home. Sitting in a fetal position in the shower, I sobbed and pleaded with God to help me with the pain and anxiety I was overwhelmed with. 

My tears finally taking me into a deep slumber, I was aroused by the hard touch of a man, Not the Deacon, not Preston but an unfamiliar touch. His voice so deep, it sent chills down my arms and gave me butterflies. I was intrigued as well as on cloud nine as this phantom man took me to the climax I had only seen in the incognito films. Completely naked, he serviced every inch of my skin with his tongue, followed by kisses, he hushed me anytime I objected to the things he was doing to my body that I would normally be uncomfortable with. When his fingertip touched my opening to my ass, I didn't jerk away, I welcomed it by spreading my legs further. Letting him pull me on top as I mounted his large body was exciting and I went to town riding his cock like I was a member of the Indian tribe. Only making out his golden eyes in the dark, I could see them locked on my body and it only excited me more. 

I woke still aroused as I wondered where my imagination has been subconsciously to dream up such a perfect image. The fantom man stayed on my mind the rest of the day. The second time I changed my wet panties I thought of the Deacon's letter urging me to be myself. I did need the money and I know perverts will buy them. I have no choice but to go back in the panty business. 


Own My Gussets

Own My Gussets
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