A Piece of Me with You Always

Driving for hours was a great way to clear your mind. Reflecting on my life choices lately made me sad. I have been so caught up in survival that I had let dope take control of me. When I do sleep, its tortured with the Deacon giving me a look of disapproval. Not because of Sebastian but because of my drug use. Who are you? He keeps asking. Grammy V is hardly in my ear anymore. Brynlee gets tired of me asking huh? to everything she says and Sebastian only has my full attention when we are naked. The last confessional I visited was on the telephone with Father Joplin. Getting my panties dirty and having dope seem to fill my days. The voicemail I got from Pastor Richardson is now six days old. I say every morning I'm going to return the call. Hopefully, I have secured a spot teaching Sunday school again but it slips my mind as the day unfolds. Thinking back to a few days ago when I told Sebastian of my plans to return to teaching, I smile at what followed. "Sexy Sunday school teacher? Will you take a ruler to me? Will you go sans panties?" His sexy voice excites me with his naughty questions. "Sans panties seems a bit risky with children present.  Are you going to be in my class?"

Sebastian's gold eyes narrow as his lips form a perfect half moon. His breath is hot on my earlobe and that makes my heart thump. In a whisper, he says, "You can give me a private lesson here. Clothing optional." His hands pulling my skirt up he discovers I'm not wearing any panties. Retrieving his cell from the nightstand he presses a few buttons until the light comes on. Extending his arm out until the phone is lined up with my crotchless panties, he snaps a picture. My eyes must have widened because he chuckles and smooths my hair down. Starting with my lips he plants kisses all the way down until he reaches the end of my folded upskirt. Planting a kiss on my exposed pelvis he snaps another picture. Pushing a couple more buttons on his phone he then places it into my hands. "I'll need this while you're away." He states in a whisper. It's unbelievable the talent he has with his tongue. I have had oral sex only from two other guys but I have watched about twenty give it and I don't remember ever feeling or watching any other girl display such pleasure. Holding the phone was difficult after three rounds of the climax. Dropping it on the bed and grabbing his face to pull to mine, I let him know I tap out. Knowing that Sebastian has a video of me makes my pussy tingle. 


Own My Gussets

Own My Gussets
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