My First Solo Performance

What tickles your fancy? I've never performed live while being sexual, but the thought of someone watching me, kicks my libido into high gear and I'm off to the races. Of course, the Deacon would never entertain the thought of being intimate in any other style than boring missionary. So until then, my fancy would lay unscathed. That is, unless I could change that myself. I instantly grabbed the video camera. Watching my body in the lens, twisting and wriggling in unimagined self-gratification, I was left with a sense of fulfillment and urgency to do it over and over again.

What do I do with it now? Watch it before the Deacon wants his nightly orgasm at 10:45pm sharp? Help me get some pleasure that I know I deserve. That did its job for awhile. I was apprehensive leaving my cell unlocked in fear a mistake would be made and the unthinkable video will play. But then on another hand, that's exactly what I wanted to happen. Adrenaline pumping through my veins as I envisioned the small children frolicking amongst the refreshment table on Sunday afternoon. An unsupervised, unlocked cell gave my heart a kick that sent it into overdrive. I wanted to hear my moans of pleasure and see the faces of everyone around. I pictured Father Joplin's expression as he turns his head towards me. His full lips curled into a smirk as his eyes showed the lust rippling through his loins as he was thinking about me kneeling before the alter. I dreamt of the shock on the ladies faces as they grabbed their little ones and covered their ears trying desperately to block the salacious, yet alluring sound of my sweet bliss. Standing there in awe, disgust and shame written all over their faces. I wished I could be vocal and shout, its only natural! Its human nature! Why should any living being, on this Earth, be denied what the human body desires? Their bodies are meant to be enjoyed. Total euphoria. It is in you. Hidden somewhere they can't begin to imagine. Sad but true, congregation. Embrace it. 

Later that day, I found another outlet. As I was walking to the store enjoying the weather and my dirty secret, I was about to pass some construction workers. The gentleman in their dirty jeans and muddy boots were more than willing to admire my, more than usual short skirt. They happily shared their excitement with me. Cat calls, something I thought made obsolete by the Internet and sinister grins caught my eye. "I'd like to take a sniff at what's between there!',one lumberjack shouted. Sniff? What is wrong with people? Disgusting I thought. Or was it? Who am I to judge what one likes? Here I am hiding a licentious video. Using it to get my rocks off as I have mundane, routine sex. Well, Mr. Lumberjack, I hope you garner a sniff of that sweet nectar.  That you utilize every ounce of whatever your imagination musters. I hope you have the most mind-blowing orgasm you could ever envision.

Thinking about the lumberjack actually taking a sniff and going savage on some unsuspecting lady made me tingle  deep in the pit of my stomach. Oh, could this be another one of my turn-ons? Immediately I had to head back home to change my now rather moist panties. I was shocked at just how wet they were. I can't let the Deacon stumble upon these. He might get the impression I  have an infection or a problem going on in the hush area. Or worse, that I was touching myself in pleasure. As I looked at the moisture in the cotton garment I thought of the lumberjack. Too bad he wasn't here to bury his nose deep in my most secret crevice and do us both a favor. Just then I had the strangest idea. Running back I grabbed the lumberjacks hand and placed the balled up cotton in it. I was blushing as the other men got over their shock then emerged in cheers and whistles. I never looked back at the plethora of hard dicks, I kept a straight face as I walked into the store, heart pounding. "Well, Elizabeth, you have done a great thing. Don't feel ashamed." I heard my grandmother's voice reassuring me. "Embracing our desires is natural and one day they will admire you for your bravery."

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