Guilty Pleasures

I had to start the morning out texting the lumberjack in the freezing emergency room after I drove the Deacon to get his illness checked. Elizabeth Wixon!" I heard Grammy V's voice scold me. I agreed with her and softened my tone. I smiled and thought of unicorns, rainbows, butterflies...such beautiful creatures, such lively colors like the magenta color on the actress's lower back I see repeating multiple videos. She must have a great agent, I think as recalling the latest scene by, the girl with the butterfly tattoo, I felt my own temperature rise and a tingle in my pelvis. Liz is turning Elizabeth into a real horn dog.

In the middle of the night his fever spiked and he kept waking interrupting my concentration on providing the lumberjack five with quality material. I felt a pang of guilt as I typed the words insinuating the Deacon's health fell behind my sins of pleasure for other's impure enjoyments. The Deacon was diagnosed with pneumonia and was admitted for a few days. Of course, I headed to the Church to inform father Joplin of the nuisance in both of our lives.

Father Joplin wasn't too keen on working later than needed. Every Wednesday night he secretly met with the local sharks and gambled on any topic that was fresh at the time. Now thanks to the Deacon's inability to keep up with himself, Father Joplin and I are both feeling the side effects of monetary value. I was scanning on anything interesting around the dimly, outdated office to take my mind off the Deacon and his setback for us and was oblivious to Father Joplin's eyes fixated on my chest. I did notice the more revealed look this blouse gave but then again, his wife, Heaven rest her soul, was in her seventies. My curiosity grew as I pretended I didn't notice his face growing a darker shade of red with every passing moment. I probably wasn't making it easier as I bent over to retrieve my stylus from the floor. I smiled sweetly enjoying what the preview of my ass and thighs done to his crotch.

I threw a devilish grin at Father Joplin, deepening my dimple on my left cheek. "Father Joplin, do you, er, um, take care of yourself? What I'm asking is, you must have a pretty keen sense on keeping your pipes clean, right?" FJ stared at me with a brow lowered. "Do you get off on the regular?"

"Elizabeth! I have to recommend the confessional!" Father Joplin stepped back as if I were going to pounce on him. "I'm going to take gamble, no pun intended, and guess no." I shook my head as I locked the door. "Father Jop, I believe we've crossed over to casualties so please, call me Liz. Also please tell me     your desires and do not worry, this is a safe zone, to                                               be thought of as confessional rated X."


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Own My Gussets
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