Everyone Does It

After services politely waiting my turn to the ladies facility, I could't help myself from eavesdropping on Ms. Hoen and Mrs. Cunningham's poor attempts at whispers. They were discussing the Hoen boy's long bathroom activity. My face surely in a scowl hearing the absurd disappointment and embarrassment that is masturbation, I turn my head but Ms. Hoen must explain herself in fear of the Deacon targeting the Hoen kid for confessional.

"Actually", I start, "I don't see any cause for alarm. Sexual curiosity is very natural and I don't think I would teach my son that it was punishable." The ladies looked at each other, mouths gaped open. "But, Elizabeth, the church does not approve of it. What would the Deacon say?" Cunningham gossip starter asked me. "Well, Paige", I took this discussion down to casual, "I'm not sure what the Deacon would say because its none of his business." The ladies gaped their mouths even wider. "But, Elizabeth, the Deacon preaches the dirty thoughts and their repercussions. Should I not fear for his sin to be punished? He is still just a child, he still plays with remote control cars." Her eyebrows raised. "Are you saying if he is touching himself in pleasure but still a child at heart, my boy is safe from bad impressions from the church?", "Ha, I thought, toy cars and handling cocks, this kid knows what he wants. "I don't know, Journey. He's your pervert!" I cut line and slam the door. But at least I saved one person from shame for natural feelings. Voicing my opinion on this subject made me happy and worth something.

The Deacon came to bed without his marital relations grin on and when I asked if everything was ok, he said yes. I had a feeling he was telling a white lie. He fell asleep abruptly so I brushed it off as exhaustion. I was reading my Cosmo as I received an email from, the lumberjack asking me for more dirty panties. He had shared the pleasure of using my used undergarments as an aphrodisiac prompting the whole crew to be curious. I agreed to five more pair at the same price. Wow, all together five pair costs around forty dollars. I couldn't contain my excitement as I went to find my laptop.

Preston took his seat in my mind as I got to work on my new inventory. His hungry mouth diving straight for my neck getting the flow of arousal pumping and encouraging my hand to move in a motion I was unfamiliar with. I imagined Preston's head forcing my arms out of his way as he kissed a straight line down my body landing on my pelvis. I exploded sooner than I thought and sat up breathlessly. Dang, Liz, are you going to be able to keep your lungs from inflating by doing this four more times?

I stood up taking a peak at my wild, tangly curls in the mirror and smirked. Well, Liz?  "Challenge accepted."


Own My Gussets

Own My Gussets
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