Forgive me father for I have sinned.

Hate! I'm your hate when you want love. I'm your pain when you can't feel, I'm your truth telling lies, I'm inside open your eyes, I'm you. If it's not a sin to feel the euphoria that we all feel when we fall in love, why is it a sin to enjoy the euphoria we feel when we are turned on? Nobody can help the feelings they have. We only live once why not enjoy the emotions our bodies naturally produce? I am not one to filter myself especially when it comes to emotions. I am animated and dramatic and the world will feel how I feel. Sometimes your emotions are expected to be hidden because the other sinners hide theirs to be pure in the eyes of the Lord. No matter who I'm hiding it from, I have a hard time at it. I am passionate and I'm not ashamed.
Elizabeth was a timid, follower with kind eyes that taught Sunday school. She enjoyed it, had many friends and was content with her boring husband who is the Deacon of the Church. Not that he had authority but b…

Underlying Sadomasochism

I never pondered the pleasure deriving from my backside getting caressed by a finger, tongue or a toy. Sebastian's tease sends a tremor of feel good, making my body jerk. "Mmmm" I purred as one finger dipped through the now slippery gash of my slit. The care and gentleness Sebastian gives this dirty spot to raise the intensity of my building orgasm. Trying to bury the moans in the pillow I was clawing failed as my head snapped side to side, making my long, black curls fasten to the sweat across my face. Sebastian's tongue was mangling both entrances. He kept his mouth attached to my dark ring, keeping up with every dance move, tender meat of my ass cheeks jiggling in his hands. Grinding my climax backward and hard into his mug, my body stiffened, quivered and finally relaxed. Jerking up and flipping over on my back with a wide smile, I seemed to melt into the bed. I lifted my arm with a finger pointing to the bathroom area. Sebastian is smiling back, knowing that I w…

I Want to Hurt you Just to Hear you Screaming My Name

I've learned what drives Sebastian over the edge and I try to implement those acts often. Vexation is clear when my legs are bestrode over his waist. Our body structures being vastly different combined with him packing too much girth for my narrow canal, persecution during the course of my turn on top makes a great show for my dearest. Subconsciously I tend to twist my waist until I lean to the side, relieving pressure, but that angered him. Heisting my wrist in his hands, he traps them to his chest, confining me. Cumbersome pain published on my skin, his waist began to wildly pump upward, pulverizing into my solar plexus. Being forthcoming with synonyms for 'excruciating' excitement builds his explosion. Leaning forward I passionately kiss my breathtaking creature and plunged my back onto the bed. Mass is on my agenda as soon as Sebastian's spunk quitting running out of me.

The Brynlee's home was bright with white lights setting the ambiance for our autoeroticism …

Own My Gussets

Own My Gussets
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